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A Raffle Fundraiser With a Mission by Courtney Ellis

A Raffle Fundraiser With a Mission by Courtney Ellis


As I sat below the announcer, my heart began to putter, I knew it was time to draw names from the raffle.  The raffle fundraiser was for my brother, so he could have money to go on a LDS mission.  I had been eyeballing a shiny new bike for weeks, hoping I would save enough money to buy my own bike.  The first name was drawn from the raffle and in despair it was not my name.  The second name was drawn and I started to lose hope.  The third name was draw and I began to feel overwhelmed for wasting all of my allowance on raffle tickets.  The fourth and final raffle ticket was about to be drawn.  I sat below the announcer praying that I could win the shiny bike that I had been saving for.  As the announcer pulled a name out of the jar, he looked down at me and said “Your hard work paid off in more ways than one!”  I leaped up with joy, hugged the announcer, and ran over to the bike.  I had never been so excited in my entire life.  I not only got the bike I wanted, but I helped my brother go on a LDS mission. 

This fundraiser took a lot of preparation, but the outcome was astonishing.  Once the word got out about helping my brother, we had more support from the community then we expected.  Many people donated items to be sold for the raffle.  Some baked goods as a refreshment.  Others came and brought money to help with the raffle.  Multiple hours and weeks were put into this raffle, and because of that, my brother was able to make the money he needed to go on an LDS mission.  He made so much money he made extra.  The extra money that he made from the raffle, he decided to donate it to a family in the community that was in need.  I will never forget the tears that ran down the mothers cheeks as my brother handed her a check.

The raffle fundraiser not only benefited the community but it helped a family in need.  I am extremely grateful for the community and the support they gave my brother in such a stressful time.  From this day on I learned the importance of giving back to the community.  Sense then I have participated in many community projects.  I will always give back to the community to show all of my appreciation. 

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Contributed by Courtney Ellis

December 14, 2015