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A Raffle Fundraiser Brings Recognition by Theresa Nguyen

A Raffle Fundraiser Brings Recognition by Theresa Nguyen



A raffle fundraiser can bring recognition to the organization or group. Eventually, a chain effect could occur from this. With recognition, the organization or group will receive sponsors and more participants. Also, depending on the number of awareness that the fundraiser receives, there is a possibility the organization or group could earn more volunteers. In order for a raffle fundraiser to be successful, a strategy must be thought out.

One of the best ways to maximize the sales of their raffle tickets is to spread the news of a raffle occurring through the use of flyers. This should be posted around the neighborhood a week in advance so the people who attend will know to bring more money if they wish to participate in the raffle. If they bring less money, they would probably spend it on enjoyment or unlike something they will least likely to win like a raffle.

A good strategy is that the earnings from the raffle has to go towards a cause that people want to put their money towards to. For instance, would someone be likely to buy a raffle ticket where their money goes towards kids or people with a certain disability, or new recreation equipment? For strong sales of raffle tickets, the organization has to appeal to the public and make them sympathize for a worthy cause. This would be difficult for organizations that are related to recreation that doesn’t target specific groups. An idea to appeal to these people would be that the organization has to have a strong slogan that catches the eye or a good prize.

Another good strategy is to lower the cost of the raffles. During this time, the time that the participants can enter should be an hour or two as well. This makes it seem that the time is rushed. Therefore, the participants may think that they will have a stronger chance to win so they will enter. This tactic may work because if the participants think that there would not be a lot of people who will enter in the short period of time, their probability to win will increase. However, they do not know that other people may have the same thoughts as them. This means that more people will enter because of this strategy. The lowered cost of the raffle tickets is another tactic added to increase their chances of winning by buying more raffles to add to the box.

                  The prizes that would encourage the sales of tickets are family-oriented or stuff that creates memories. These things include a flat-screen television, amusement park passes, and cruise or plane tickets. These are prizes that people want because they are worth it. Depending on the cause of the fundraiser, more people may buy more tickets because both the prize and the fundraiser may be worth it depending on what it is. A flat screen television is usually thought to be expensive. If the prize of a raffle is cheap, people may bet their chances by buying more raffles to enter for the raffle for a television.

                  Amusement park passes, cruise tickets, or plane tickets are good prizes because they can create happy memories. It is said that an experience is usually more memorable to a person than an item. Also, when a person travels or goes to have fun, they are usually accompanied by other people such as family members, friends or significant others. By having these types of prizes, they will appeal to a large number of people instead of a specific target audience. Another reason as to why these prizes are good is because more people may enter because the prize is not something they may or may not need.


                  One type of way to motivate volunteers to sell more raffles is to announce to them that whoever sells the most tickets, they will have an entry for the raffle prize. This will make them compete against each other to sell more tickets depending on what the prize is. Whoever sells the most tickets should get their raffle ticket during the last ten minutes before the raffle is called. His or her name should be announced to the people who attend the raffle. Therefore, if the volunteer wins, the public would know that it was not rigged for them to win.

                  Another way to motivate them is to just thank the volunteers for coming out and helping for said cause. This makes them realize that what they are doing is appreciated. It shows that they are noticed and are not just like any other volunteer at the event. They would put more effort into what they are doing because they know that the cause of the fundraiser is worth it. The volunteers can also be given a small token of appreciation such as candy and encouraging words every ten minutes or so. This would boost their morale and remind them of why they’re there in the first place.                 

                  As mentioned earlier, the organizations can receive more sponsors and participants because of what they are doing. Depending on where the proceeds are going from the raffle, more people will start to take a notice of the organization holding the event. More sponsors will reach out to help the organization because of the types of events they are holding. The visitors who attended the fundraiser may gain an interest of the organization and may want to volunteer in the future or participant in other events or programs that they have to offer.

                  A raffle fundraiser is beneficial in giving the organization more attention. As one can conclude, there are a lot of different approaches into making the raffle fundraiser successful. However, it is shown that it has to care a lot about the needs of the volunteers and participants first instead of worrying about the profit. In the end, when there are satisfied volunteers and participants, that will drive the raffle fundraiser to be successful care a lot about the needs of the volunteers and participants first instead of worrying about the profit. In the end, when there are satisfied volunteers and participants, that will drive the raffle fundraiser to be successful.

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Contributed by Theresa Nguyen