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A Raffle Fuels Excitement for Your Busisness by Amelia Kealoha Pacheco

A Raffle Fuels Excitement for Your Busisness by Amelia Kealoha Pacheco


Ok, let’s be honest. Majority of us have attended some sort of event in which they had a raffle present. We walk into the entrance, thrilled for what’s in store. The immense amount of people is exciting as you take a look around and someone approaches you with that beautiful little raffle ticket explaining that there will be a raffle later in the day and that you could possibly go home with a prize!

Whether it be a food basket, new tablet or sometimes even a new car, raffles fuel customer loyalty and retention. At least, for me they do. I can remember a time where I went to my local carnival and they had a raffle going on. I was excited by the notion that I could possibly go home with a prize and for this reason I went back to the carnival the following years because of it.

Raffles not only promote your business, but they allow you to give back to the consumer, build loyalty and trust, and they give many organizations the chance to fundraise needed resources in a fun and different way.

Raffles are an excellent foundation to promote a new business. Raffles lure in curious people to take a glimpse at what the company has in store. When a company holds a raffle, often times they will advertise their products using walk up tables that consumers can look at. Many companies do this sort of thing at expos or events. I think that these are beneficial because it shows that a company will go the distance for the consumer.

Raffles aren’t just a promotion tool, but they can be of great use when it comes to giving back to the consumer. When a company holds a raffle, they can often times use it to create business in their store. For example, if the company holds the raffle, they can opt to announce winners in their store on a specific date. This will stir up excitement. Companies can also offer coupons to participants that can be used within a certain time line which will create new business and give the company an outlet to build retention.

Lastly, raffles are a great way for nonprofit organizations to fundraise needed resources to support programs. There is so many different ways one can conduct a raffle and it can be geared towards any age group. For example, one part of the raffle could be geared towards teens while the next part can be geared towards adults. Depending on the company or organization, the possibilities are endless.

In conclusion, I love raffles. In my experiences with them, I have always had a good time. They get the crowd excited for what’s to come. First impression is everything when it comes to a business and raffles give the perfect first impression.

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Contributed by Amelia Kealoha Pacheco