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A Raffle Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Business by Joebelle Andrus

A Raffle Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Business  by Joebelle Andrus


Utilizing a raffle can have a huge positive impact on the business. It captures the customers' attention, it makes them curious.  A business can offer different prizes to their customers like discounts, free items at the store, gift certificates or cards for bigger companies they will offer a car as a prize.  These prizes can attract customers who are entering the store. When I was in my hometown, a huge and well known department store was utilizing a raffle. The terms and conditions of the raffle is that, a customer need to purchase at least $50.00 or higher to enter the raffle. With every$50.00 a customer gets one entry to the raffle. The more a customer spends the more chances they can win.  As a customer you would think that this amount is high, but you would also think of the prizes they are giving if your name get to be picked. The raffle for this department store was for 3 months, the prizes ranges from $1,000 for 5 people, washer and dryer for 2 people, 42' in flat screen TV and the grand prize was a trip for 2 to Bora-Bora. As a customer you want to be one of these people, so in order to have more chances of winning you would go and shop to that department store for 3 months.


Another business establishment that has somewhat like a raffle is "Crazy Scrubs". I have been their customer since I enter the healthcare field. The thing with this business, is that in order to get free scrubs or anything in the store, they will give you a card with numbers 1 to 10. Every time you buy something at the store, they will punch a whole in the card and they will add your name in their system so people can not cheat on putting punches in the cards.


During the holiday season most of businesses have special offers such as discounts, free items. If a business offers these prizes to their customers more than likely the customers will keep shopping there to win  free items and get discounts to complete their holiday shopping list. This also works as a raffle because people will find ways to save money during the holiday season to get more items for their family and friends. If they know that they can get all these stuff they will get the things they need in that business establishment. With this customers who benefited from this promotion can go back to the store every year for their holiday shopping.


Free items, discounts and many more prizes for customers are a best way to promote and get more sales. Not only it promotes the business it is also one of the best ways to tell their patrons/customers that they care about them. As I customer, if I know a business is having discounts or giving away free items or services I will shop there because I know I will save money.  All in all, raffle is one of the best ways to promote a business, if it is easy you can make sure that customers will be doing business in the establishment.


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Contributed by Joebelle Andrus