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A Raffle Can Capture the Attention of a Customer by Jorge Luis Flores

A Raffle Can Capture the Attention of a Customer by Jorge Luis Flores


Describe how a business (including retail and service) can derive promotional and customer loyalty/retention benefit by utilizing a raffle in their marketing efforts?


A raffle draws attention based on what is being raffled. A business regardless of its product can raffle a specific product or even a special discount to a customer. The terms of the raffle can derive or promote interest based on what a customer has to do to enter a raffle. If it cost money, if there is a waiting period, if the winner has to be present, and the odds of winning etc. A retail service can utilize raffles as a way to attract customers when they enter the business. A retail store I remember that I can name “Shoe Carnival” does a game of spin the wheel. When the customers least expect it, they walk into the store and get a chance to spin the wheel. The wheel has several special prizes such as a discount, free items, or a certain amount of money off your total purchase.

I mentioned this specific retail business because I was lucky to get to spin the wheel one day. I was out looking for new shoes and I approached this retail store. I entered the store and I was a lucky winner without having to do anything but enter. After that day I continue to shop at the retail store because they offered great customer service and a raffle even though it was in a different way retained a customer and business. A raffle can be used in the same manner. When a customer wins, they are more prone to come back and shop because it immediately shows that the business cares about its customers. The people love free items and discounts especially in this economy. It draws attraction based on what item is being raffled and that is what will gain the interest of a customer.

 A business or service can offer a raffle on specific dates and advertise the raffle so that customers know when the raffle is taking place. It can be as simple as raffling gift cards or free service to draw the attention of the customer and bring them to the place of business. If I knew of a retail store that would raffle items I would be a regular customer because the chances of me winning would be higher.

In conclusion a raffle is only one way to capture the attention of a customer, again depending on the terms of the raffle. The best way to retain and benefit from a raffle as a business or service is to make a raffle easy for the customer. It should be as simple and  used as a way to promote special products or just give items away or prizes to thank customers for the business at this retail and or service. As a customer it is now up to the raffle ticket agencies to bring these promotional ideas to businesses because there is not many out there that offer raffles. It will benefit both the raffle agency and the business because customers always like free items, prizes, and good customer service.

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Contributed by Jorge Luis Flores

December 10, 2015