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A Raffle Can Be the Rush of Excitement That Propels Your Business by Alexander Haynes

A Raffle Can Be the Rush of Excitement That Propels Your Business by Alexander Haynes


Essential marketing revolves around one key aspect; bringing back customers based off of a genuine, great experience. Accomplishing this task can come in a multitude of ways, but one of the most effective is using promotional retention methods such as a raffling event. Raffling combines several aspects to make for a genuinely memorable occasion. A raffle ticket combines atmosphere, a rush of excitement, and a winner to whom a lasting memory of success is connected. Raffling epitomizes marketing by combining the senses with a lasting experience for the human mind to drive off of. By effectively creating an atmosphere that speaks to more than a raffle, yet drive the raffle as an essential selling point, businesses can derive retention rates that will boost the positive aspects of business.

Creating the perfect atmosphere around a raffle event is the first step to establishing a loyal and winning raffle event. Without a proper atmosphere you cannot hope to bring about returning customers. Atmosphere at a raffle event must speak to the company’s core culture, a culture of benefitting the customer. A welcoming atmosphere will welcome any participants immediately, thus obtaining their attention. After obtaining their attention, the positive attention, it is important to establish an environment of friendly behavior from the employees operating the raffle. This may come simply in the form of a smile and a, “How is your day?” However, depending on the raffle technique, this may come in the form of a conversation about their day. Showing genuine care for a potential customer is the first step in establishing a positive mentality about the company. Genuine care projected from an employee is essential to winning over a customer, for in that customer’s mind they had a winning day even if they did not win the raffle.

Evoking the senses of the customer, in a positive light, is the fundamental aspect of atmosphere. Part of this comes in establishing a winning day for the customer, even if they did not win a raffle prize. Evoking all the senses scientifically comes about by putting a tension in the brain. That is, creating a rush of dopamine that signifies happiness. This can be done by creating a game out of the raffle. The situation is peaceful and relaxed creating a position for the customer to open up, yet it is tense in their brain for they are playing a game. After all, they want to win something. However, even if they do not win the rush of dopamine to the brain will create an imprint that requests for that event again. This can be followed up by the company in two ways. The first way that is almost inevitable and the premise of a raffle, is to invite the customers back to the store for a shopping experience. The customer should want to return in order to have that happy rush of dopamine again, at least that is what the brain is telling them.  A second method is establishing several raffles. An effective way to market duplicate raffles for companies without invoking high prices on the company is by raffling a grand prize, several smaller prizes, and possibly coupons for the store. Therefore, the customer has a high incentive to return to that store in order to use the coupon again. This also increases the rush of dopamine to the brain, making the imprint of that area larger and more desirable to occur again.

Raffling is about creating a memorable event, not only the technique matters, but the atmosphere matters. The underwritten goal is for the customer to desire to return based off of care they perceived to receive. The imprint on the customer’s brain should be twofold: caring and fun. The care they receive should speak to the customer service they wish to receive again by returning to the store they discovered. The fun imprint will be the brain subtly urging them to return based off the grand experience that occurred on their last trip. By doing this properly, a raffling event can be a genuine and effective way to drive retention through marketing.

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Contributed by Alexander Haynes

November 16, 2015