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A Happier Church With a Raffle Fundraiser by Crosby Steen

A Happier Church With a Raffle Fundraiser by Crosby Steen


There was a brand new gym for the kids to play in. Two new sanctuaries with brand new pews for God's children to sit on. New instruments for the gospel band, including a couple new band members. New classrooms to brighten the future of the young kids so eager to learn.


This is a dream I dream many times in a night. The only way to achieve this dream was to fundraise money somehow. Until one day, the idea finally came to me, a raffle.  My church group had to come up with a way to sell raffle tickets in order to raise money for the church and all the new ideas for the church. We would need to maximize ticket sales, get customers to buy tickets, and keep our ticket sellers motivated to sell as many raffle tickets as possible.
First, We would start off by having the younger kids selling at home, school, and where ever they could. For the kids who needed to get confirmed soon we would put a minimum amount that they could sell so they could get confirmed. It would be easy for the youth to bring their tickets home and have their parents help them achieve the goal of selling a certain amount of tickets. We would also distribute the tickets out to the adults and explain to them what the money will be going towards to motivate them. We would have people going door to door and try to sell tickets to people on the street and also have people going to businesses in order to sell as many as possible. By distributing the tickets to everyone in the group and giving them each tasks in where to go and who to sell to, this would maximize our ticket sales.
Also, in order for our customers to buy the raffle tickets, we would need to give them an incentive. We would focus on the rebuilding of our new and improved church but we would offer a prize for the winner of the drawing with the raffle tickets. With people going to businesses, we would offer the business a chance to donate something to the raffle drawing. We would tell them that with them donating it would promote their business and show to everyone that they are committed to the community and it would greatly improve the name of their business. For example: we would have Microsoft donate a laptop or an Xbox which would promote their product and increase our revenue due to a donation. The prize would be the incentive for the customer to buy as many raffle tickets as they could afford.
 Finally, we would need to have our own ticket sellers sell as many tickets that they could. To keep our ticket sellers out selling we would offer them a prize as well. For the adults it would be a product from a business we linked with, or some type of donated prize. For the kids we would offer them a pizza party if they sold enough tickets. Also, to keep our customers buying more than just one ticket we would offer a deal. For example; we would have one ticket for ten dollars or buy 5 tickets, and get one free. This would motivate our buyers to purchase more tickets to improve their chances in winning the prize. By giving our ticket sellers prizes and ways to keep our buyers buying multiple tickets, this will help us sell as many tickets as possible.
 Just picture this; the kids playing in the new church gym, large families gathering in the new sanctuaries, our new and improved band jamming gospels and everyone joining along. All of those bring smiles to faces in the community. With a happier community, we have a happier church and more attendance for the church. With the maximized ticket sales, customers buying tickets, and our ticket sellers motivated to sell a plethora of tickets, we will have a very high profit and a very good-looking church.


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Contributed by Crosby Steen