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A Fundraiser That Provides Peace of Mind by Yahnee Nicole Huff

A Fundraiser That Provides Peace of Mind by Yahnee Nicole Huff


An example of a successful fundraiser could include that in which we put on for my Aunt who at the time was battling stage IV pancreatic cancer. She was diagnosed prior this year (2015) and was told that there was not much that could be done. We were all devastated, heartbroken even when she explained the situation to us. Although, we were all in shock and some even in denial that did not break us as a family. We immediately began finding ways to help pay for medical bills and expenses such as selling homemade ribbons in exchange for donation, and raffling tickets. Although those were some good ideas the amount they produced was nowhere near enough. We were at a low point and wondered how we could help out.


Just then, Eureka! A lightbulb went off in my father’s head. He explained that we could sell dinner plates to assist with all the costs. We marked the calendar for Saturday, October 24th 2015 to be the day we held our fundraiser. We instantly began making fliers and inviting everyone to come and join us. We even created slogans to help bring in customers. Examples of those could include “Buy a Plate, Save a Life” or “Do It for DeAnn, She’d do it for you!” The outcome was absolutely amazing. Prior to setting up there were people already in line, waiting in their vehicles, and even customers walking from all directions. We sold out of absolutely everything. We even had people on standby just for store runs.


Although things looked so bright for us that was not the case. On Friday, October 23rd 2015 precisely at 4:30 p.m. I received a disappointing phone call only thirty minutes prior to getting off of work. It was my father, he explained that his youngest and only sister was no longer here, but she was now free of the misery and agony she suffered from. I felt pure defeat, almost as if I too had lost the battle to cancer. Although, my aunt did not see this become a reality, I feel as though she knew everything would work out for the best. She had faith in us and because of that we did nothing less than make her proud.


If I must say, the results we had in mind were extremely succeeded by not only the turnout of our event, but due to the amount of love within our hearts. My aunt was put to rest with all her bills paid and family along the entire way. This experience has enriched me on so many levels, I really take this experience to heart simply because of the fact that it has made me a better person, has helped me to see the beauty within darkness, and has enhanced the bond between my family and I all while creating awareness about Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer.

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Contributed by Yahnee Nicole Huff

December 15, 2015