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A Fundraiser That Never Fails to Deliver by Lily Kenyon

A Fundraiser That Never Fails to Deliver by Lily Kenyon


As a high school student I participated in many raffles for fundraisers for either my school or a specific sports program.

The one raffle, however, that really sticks out in my mind is the one that we did every year for the soccer program. If you were a member of the team you were required to participate in the raffle to benefit your team.

Every year without fail we raffled off a Total Gym, provided for our soccer team by Chuck Norris himself because he was a relative of the coach. We would make groups and set times and adventure out into our community with these tickets that every citizen of our small town had seen at their door year after year.

Without fail however, people would buy the tickets, not because they wanted to win the Total Gym (many people already had them in fact), but because they wanted to support the girls that had gotten up and gone out to fundraise for their sport.

Of the three years that I participated in varsity soccer we never failed to make the amount of money that was required to purchase the items that the team needed to stay in business. That fundraiser provided new nets, soccer balls, and once every couple of years, a new set of uniforms.

Being a part of this fundraiser for three years really made me understand that a fundraiser brings a community together either in support of the cause, or excitement over the raffle’s prize.

It made me feel a sense of pride for my small town, that we could band together and provide that money for people that were in need.  

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Contributed by Lily Kenyon

September 22, 2015