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A Community Reaps the Benefits of a Raffle Fundraiser by Megan Privette

A Community Reaps the Benefits of a Raffle Fundraiser by Megan Privette


Growing up my parents enrolled me in dance lessons starting around the age of four. Starting out dance wasn’t that costly because I was only dancing in beginner level classes, but as I got older I was invited to join the competition troupe. The older I got, the more expensive it became for me to take dance lessons. Along with dance lessons every summer the competition troupes would go to a nationals competition over the summer. This was an additional cost on top of what dance already costed. During the dance year we were allowed to fundraise so we could have some of our trip and fees paid off. One of the fundraisers we did each year was, sell raffle tickets.

I have been involved with many different raffle fundraisers to help raise money for school, dance, my church, and numerous other organizations. One raffle fundraiser that has had a beneficial impact on me was one I participated in this year. I no longer dance since I graduated from high-school, but my younger sister does. This year at the recital my parents and I hosted a raffle. The money was going towards my sister and a few other girls to help them raise money for their nationals competition. Not too long ago the studio owner lost her dad in a motorcycle accident and her mom was critically injured, she was left paralyzed. Her mom was a major part of the studio, she was always so friendly and smiling. Everyone loved watching her in the recital. This year because of the accident she was unable to dance due to her injuries, but she was sitting in the front row of the audience with a huge smile on her face. We hosted the raffle ticket fundraiser both nights of the recital and had a decent turnout both nights.

This fundraiser had an impact on the community that was involved and myself because of what the winners did with their winning money. Both nights the raffle fundraiser winners donated their money to the studio owner’s mom, Robinette. This touched my heart, because this is what a community and dance family is all about. We stick together no matter what the situation is and do whatever we can to help each other out. Watching people donate their prize money to her inspired people in the community to help Robinette even more and inspired everyone to have a better attitude. This fundraiser has a positive effect on me because at times people can be so selfish with their belongings, especially when it comes to money. I love helping people, I try my best to help all the people I can. It really opened my eyes when I saw people donate their prize to Robinette. Both nights when the winners did this Robinette’s eyes lit up with gratitude and the audience stood, clapped, and gave a standing ovation. Robinette has been such an inspiration in the community because no matter how hard her life has been she has kept a beautiful smile on her face.

I chose to write about this raffle fundraiser because it is special to me for many reasons and in my opinion it shows what a raffle fundraiser is truly all about. They are meant to make a difference in people's’ lives and to raise money for organizations. Participating in this fundraiser was an enriching experience for me because it taught me the important lesson of giving back to those in your community, especially when people are giving to help you.

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Contributed by Megan Privette

July 29, 2015