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Raffle Fundraising In a Nutshell

A non-profit organization can definitely benefit from a raffle fundraiser. In order to maximize sales the following groups must be considered: family and friends, neighbors, co-workers and the general public. Selling to family and friends, standing right in front of them, makes it difficult for that person to turn you down. Ask them how many raffle tickets they want instead of asking them if they want to purchase. Use phrases such as, will you help us meet/reach our goal?
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Selling to the general public will take more work and creativity. Displaying signs and handing out flyers is a way to pre-sell the tickets-get the word out ahead of time. Tell people enthusiastically what the fundraiser is for, a new playground, equipment, etc. As far as prizes and donations go, be determined. Get as many donations as possible. Use social media, emails to friends, letters to local businesses, use any and all connections you have. A local car dealer is a great place to start.

Follow up with a reminder deadline and a thank you, when a business or individual donates. Companies and organizations may be hesitant to donate to your cause if it’s the first time. Be persistent; a successful raffle will set the way for an even more successful raffle the next time. You may have to use some of your organization’s money for one top “draw” prize that will be advertised. But if you put in the time and hard work to secure donations for several prizes to be raffled off, you’ll have that much more profit.

Another kind of raffle is to have a registration type fundraiser such as for a sports organization. Post an $80 registration fee, and then give each child’s family $80 in raffle tickets to either sell, or just fill them out and put them into the pot to win raffle prizes. You will still need donations from businesses. Consequently if you sell all 80 tickets, you signed up for free. It’s a situation where everyone wins. But be sure and do your legal homework, the laws governing raffles are determined state-by-state. Some states, have deemed them illegal as part of gambling, while other states allow a raffle fundraiser for just about anything. In addition, some cities and even counties in the U.S. require a separate application for a charity raffle. Be sure to find out well in advance what is required to hold a raffle, and get any applications submitted in time

Don’t forget to thank your donors for their donations on your website, social media channels and in print publications. Not only will your donors feel appreciated, but other potential donors will see that they will get appropriate publicity if they participate and may also be donating prizes for your next raffle. Don’t forget to do something to thank the volunteers and ticket sellers. Throw an appreciation party and give out awards to the highest sellers and an incentive for selling the winning raffle ticket or tickets. Come next year’s raffle, you’ll have people already in place you can count on to help!