Raffle Fundraising Ideal Fundraiser in a Bad Economy

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In times like today it is very difficult to come up with ways to help raise money for non-profit organizations. That is why raffle fundraisers are a very good idea for non-profit organizations like youth sports organizations to raise money. Especially at times like this when the economy is not great.

It is hard to keep children playing sports and doing extra activities because everything costs money these days. When I was younger we had a spring youth soccer team that we played for and it cost money to play. On top of that you had to pay for the uniform. Also, if you did not already have the equipment for the sport, like for soccer: shin guards, soccer socks, cleats, and a soccer ball those would have to be purchased on top of everything else.

It was difficult to continue to play sports every year because of the cost. If there were someone to put together a beneficial fundraiser for the team it would have helped the team out a lot.

Anyone can try to sell the raffle tickets but the young athletes are probably the best ones to sell them because adults are more likely to give them money or more money than they would give adults for the organization. They want to hear the young athlete’s stories and help them out for their future. Adults just have more sympathy for children in general.

Also, most adults think children are cute and feel more obligated to helping them out, especially if they know the children. The prize should have something to do with sports since it is for a sports organization. For example, sports tickets to a popular sports team like one of the New England Sports teams. For example, the prize could be some tickets to a Boston Red Sox game or the Boston Bruins game. Even if those tickets would be too expensive for the youth sports organization to purchase as a prize, tickets to games like the Worcester Sharks would be appropriate also.

Some other prize options for the fundraiser could be gift cards to sports places like Olympia Sports or Dicks Sporting Goods. People would be more likely to buy the raffle tickets if they knew there was a good prize to win like one of those prizes.

To motivate the volunteers to sell more tickets they could either make a game out of it the fundraiser, have small prizes for the biggest seller, or both. Some games could be whoever sells the most raffle tickets gets to pick the position they play in the first game of their season. Or maybe whoever sells the most raffle tickets gets to run a captains practice for one of the first practices of the season.

There are many ways to go about fundraising and being successful with it. People just have to work together to come up with good ideas and make something happen. Encouragement and motivation are the key qualities in making this successful fundraiser happen.

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