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A Raffle Fundraising Experience

My raffle experience was for a trip at school. The trip was expensive so the sponsor teacher, along with the parents were trying to think of ways to raise money to help kids get to Washington D.C. My mother was on that committee. She googled and found a raffle that we all could participate in. We did a 50/50 raffle which went like this: 1st place won half of the proceeds, 2nd place won a $10 gift card to the movies and 3rd place won $5. The other 50% was divided up among all the kids that were taking the trip.

This raffle helped all of us get to Washington D.C. by taking a little extra off the expense of our parents. It brought us together as a class in unity to sell more tickets as kind of an unspoken competition to get the job done and made it work all around for everyone. The tickets were printed on regular paper, my mom is crafty so I’m sure it was something different, but she cut them out and divided them amongst us and the selling began. By having this raffle we were able to assist everyone that was going on the trip. May have just been a small part but it helped some. I was a benefit to all and it also showed that we could come together and work together to get the job done to help one another and not just on an individual level.

What the experience did for me was to help me understand that people will help you and that some realistically want students to do well. It also showed that people like to win stuff no matter how big or small the prize it’s still a prize. If a mere $2 can get me $5, in my book that is a WIN!

My mother is always entering contests of some sort and sometimes she wins. And the funny thing is it could only be a coupon from some business but she still feels like she has an inside source that gets her good bargains at certain stores. The raffle went really well and the teacher that sponsored the seniors said that she will be using the 50/50 raffle again next year for the 2017 seniors that will be graduating in hopes that they too will do well with it.

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor:  Eryk Hall

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