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Raffle Fundraisers Are a Fantastic Way to Raise Money For Any Organization

So your organization would like to hold a fundraiser for any number of worthwhile causes and ventures.

“Impact a Life” college scholarship essayist Eli Sanchez examines how your church can hold a raffle and sell raffle tickets for maximum return. Eli is a Visual and Performing Arts student at California College of the Arts  and we wish you the best!

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor:  Eli Sanchez
Yоu саn hеlÑ€ Eli Sanchez’s pursuit оf a scholarship award bу сlісkÑ–ng the “sharing Ñ–Ñ• саrÑ–ng” buttоnÑ• bеlоw.



Raffle fundraisers are a fantastic way to raise money for any organization. It’s easy, just have people pay a certain amount, and they have the potential to gain a hefty prize, and the organization has the potential to benefit. Off the top of my head, I can think of some very important factors customers worry about when participating in such an event. First is price, the price of each ticket is a big factor on whether people will buy and how many will they buy. They know they’re not guaranteed anything, and they don’t want to spend a heavy amount of money to win nothing. So to resolve this, make the tickets pretty cheap, say 5$. Another factor is prizes, while what the prize is is very important, what’s more important is the amount of prizes. If there’s more prizes, even small ones, there’s more chance to win something, and the customers will want to buy because they feel confident they will win something.

Now, back on the topic of what prizes should be. Of course prizes will vary in worth and desire, but like I stated, even winning anything brings customers satisfaction. So the organization should pitch in with the biggest prize. Maybe a electronic device, everyone loves those nowadays. Nothing too fancy, but something that will be the most sought after. Then for the other prizes, they can be donations. People ought to have plenty stuff they don’t need or use. Like someone bought a new computer and don’t use their old one, donate it. If it’s not going to use, it mind as well go for a good cause. Decorations like paintings or vases are a good donation. Anything someone either in the organization or anyone willing to donate that they can’t find a use for can be a prize in the raffle. As long as it’s not in terrible condition, anything can be a prize.

Many times, an organization will find a hard time getting volunteers or their volunteers aren’t too ecstatic to sell tickets. An easy way to get people to volunteer is by contacting other organizations, there’s no doubt places like youth groups or school clubs that have the kids volunteer. So why not contact them to help out, it benefits your organization and the volunteers. Now that you have your volunteers, it’s time to get them pumped. Easy way is with food. Promise the volunteers food like donuts or pizza or them in return for helping. It will give them energy and makes them motivated to work harder. Or perhaps you have a T-shirt of your organization, give one to the volunteers. People like stuff, that’s the reason people will buy raffle tickets, and perhaps the reason to get them to work hard. Hey, if it’s a holiday, get them to dress up, it get get them motivated because nobody wants to sully the name of a famous holiday icon like Santa Clause. In fact, many people would actually enjoy playing Santa to get people to participate. The volunteers will be having fun and it will stimulate the customers and convince them to buy tickets.

Just with a little hard work and dedication, a raffle can be a big hit. Nothing needs to be fancy, if it does, you might end up losing tickets. Just keep it simple and clever. Get other local clubs and organizations to help out. Reward them with something simple but satisfying.