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People That Buy Raffle Tickets View it as a Win-Win

We have all been out shopping and encountered an organization asking for a donation or holding a drawing. People that buy raffle tickets can view it as a win-win situation. They have a chance to win prizes and contribute to an organization. However, if you find yourself on the other end of this as an organizer or volunteer, here is a helpful plan.
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It is often difficult to turn someone down face to face. For this reason, suitable places to hold a raffle sales event are in high traffic locations, like shopping centers and Wal-Mart. Set up a table near the entrance. In front of and behind your table, place posters with large visible print that explains (in one or two sentences) the reason for your raffle, prizes offered, and ticket prices. On the table, include flyers that contain clear information (like the posters do) and a large container clearly labeled for donations (for those who do not wish to purchase a ticket).

Prizes can include smaller, tier prizes with one grand prize. This offers donors more chances to win and gives them more incentives. In addition, every customer who buys/donates should be immediately given a visual accessory, such as a pin or sticker that includes a reminder to “Like/Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram”. This aids in advertising to other people within the immediate area and it marks your patrons so they won’t be asked again. Keep in mind that prizes and ticket prices are based upon a budget and a financial goal. This is why it is very important to pool every organizational member’s resources (family, friends, coworkers, emails, social media outlets) and have each raffle prize donated.

The remaining item to be donated is time. Promote volunteer sign-ups with offers of letters of recommendation and internships for students or offer donated prizes to the highest sellers. During the drawing, volunteers can work in 90 minute shifts with two people seated behind each table and one (adult) supervisor casually seated in a folding chair to the side. Everyone can wear a uniform shirt and a smile. This sets the scene for a friendly, easy-going sales experience for both customer and worker.

When planning this event, remember to include your volunteers in decisions. Ask them for suggestions, and implement their ideas. Promote a team environment and get to know everyone involved. Show compassion and genuineness to create a positive experience. Have meetings beforehand to perform mock sales pitches and teach sales techniques. After the event, have a pizza party and offer (donated) gift cards to those who sold the most tickets. Depending upon the number of donated prizes, you might reward all the volunteers.

Most importantly, have fun throughout this process. Keep in mind that you can spread positivity and create or strengthen bonds amongst each other. An uplifting experience can bring some of the same people back next time you ask. It can also inspire new people to join in the future. What a fantastic way to help others and promote continuous charity!