Motivate Volunteers to Sell More Raffle Tickets

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One of the most beneficial ways to increase ticket sales would be to suggest ways to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets. If the volunteers become excited to sell their product then they will naturally become a better sales person. A salesperson that is energetic, positive, and determined will be more apt to make eye contact with a potential customer, walk up to them, and ask them if they would be interested about their product. They would be more likely to go into the details about what the raffle entails, what the prize would be, and what the raffle money will benefit. In turn, the potential buyer will be able to understand and relate to the benefits of buying a raffle ticket e.g. helping a non-profit organization and possibly winning the raffle prize.

On the other hand, if a volunteer is not excited to sell their tickets then they will be less likely to directly walk up and talk to potential customers and more likely to sit down and wait for the customers to walk up to them. This would decrease ticket sales because potential customers will probably walk by the raffle volunteers without a second glance. Even if a customer did walk up to the volunteer to ask about the raffle they might not be excited enough about the raffle to excite their customer and convince them to buy a ticket.

A very simple way to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets would be to create a competition. For instance, the group of people who sell the most raffle tickets within a two hour window would win a pizza party or a small gift card. This little incentive would show the volunteers that selling the raffle tickets could potentially benefit them and drive them to work harder to sell their tickets.

Another way to motivate volunteers would be to show them specifically where the money would be going to. If the raffle money is being donated to a nearby orphanage, taking a field trip to the orphanage would show the volunteers how much the orphans were in need of money. In turn, when it was time for the volunteers to go out and sell their tickets they would be more determined to raise the money. They could even tell their customers their experiences and motivate them to buy the raffle tickets.

Overall the best and most beneficial way to hold a raffle ticket fundraiser is to motivate the volunteers to work hard selling their tickets. A motivated volunteer will have a more enjoyable time working for a cause that they feel strongly about as opposed to something that they do not care about. Some ways to motivate your volunteers would be to make the raffle a competition for selling the most tickets, give a price for selling a certain amount of tickets, or to show your volunteers specifically where the money would be going to. These suggestions would help to drive your volunteers to work harder and will consequently make the whole event more enjoyable and gratifying.

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