Making Your Next Raffle Fundraiser a Success

If you’re looking for ways to make your next raffle fundraiser a complete success, you’ll want to check out these ideas from “Impact a Life” college scholarship contributor Megann Tokubo .

Megan outlines several ways to make your raffle fundraising efforts irresistible while raising the maximum amount of funds for your good cause.

 Thank уоu Megann, аnd best of luck with your studies!

“Impact a Life” Scholarship contributor:  Megann Tokubo
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I have seen several non-profits using raffle tickets as a way to get more people involved. When I volunteered at the annual crab feed at the Veterans Memorial Building across from Clark Intermediate, it was wonderful seeing all the people come in for food and prizes. The auction had several different prizes, many of them grand. Smaller prizes were won with raffle tickets that were purchased. It was amazing to see people get excited over what they had won. Raffle tickets allow people to believe they have an equal shot as everyone else to win a certain prize. Using raffle tickets, a non-profit gains money for their organization while also rewarding donates for their money and possible time they have donated. So, not only will the donator feel good for having given to a good cause, they will also feel good because they got something in return. Especially during events, raffle tickets make the whole experience seem more fun since they are typically seen at fairs, carnivals, and arcades. Raffles are an adults sly way of being a kid again, and I think tat is a wonderful way to fundraiser, especially when volunteers are able to give out many of them.

A good way to increase sales of raffle tickets may be to list some of the prizes offered when selling. This may get people interested along with the typical “it’s for a good cause.” Not everyone is inclined to help out just for the cause, but hey may be willing to join up if the prize is something they want, or perhaps a discount. Such prizes could include a vacation discount, a discount on landscaping, or some prizes that deal with the everyday person. It’s good to have all sorts of different prizes because many will feel cheated if say the prizes were either high-end, or same cookies from a local bakery. That is a huge gap in prizes and that won’t really appeal to people. A variety of prizes will give off a “everybody wins” kind of vibe, especially if everybody does win something. This will probably be entirely unrealistic for events that are large in size, but for the smaller it’s perfect. Local goods, or discounts for local goods is definitely a wonderful way to go because it will allow the non-profit to show thanks to its sponsors as well as help local businesses.

Another way is to make sure the raffle tickets are relatively cheap, or free. If the event is free, there should be some small cost for raffle tickets, but make sure the prizes are worth it. If the event is not free, then participants should get a certain amount for free and be able to pay a small amount for additional tickets. People will not feel very appreciative, or willing to go back the next year, if they had to pay $60 for one entry ticket, and then even more to join a raffle. With this method, people may choose whether or not they wish to purchase more or are fine with the amount given. If they made a donation in addition to paying for that entry ticket, then I think they should also be compensated with extra tickets. It would tell those donators that their donation was truly appreciated by the non-profit. Another way todo this would be to give them different color tickets along with the original raffle tickets. These different colored ones would go into a separate drawing for perhaps a large prize. Only those who had donated would be able to enter this drawing. This would encourage more people to donate and as they do, the non-profit can add more prizes the next year.


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