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A Good Approach to Raising More Funds on Raffle Ticket Sales

A good approach to raising more funds on raffle ticket sales for church groups, civic groups, and youth sports organizations would be to have nonprofit organization groups that already support the community and good causes support the cause for the ticket sales. To name a few would be Habitat for Humanity, the Humane Society, Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Peace Corps. I think that if these groups and nonprofit organizations sponsored or if you could include the name into the ticket raffles it would help sell more raffle tickets.

Here are some good prizes that might help volunteers be motivated to sell more tickets would be things that students could use. Most volunteers are younger and might be in school or planning to go to college soon. Too name a few would be computers, an electronic tablet, backpacks, headphones, and mobile phones. Another good idea for prizes would be something universal that virtually almost anyone can use, want, or need. Gift cards are very universal and work well for volunteers themselves or as a gift to give for others.

Having businesses donate some things to offer volunteers would greatly help both for this company and the company that donates, both for advertising and taxes. Plus when someone hears a brand that they like it might give them some more drive to work harder to do what it takes to get that item.

Having schools, colleges, and universities putting their name out there on the ads and having them sponsor will greatly help with raffle ticket sales. It would draw their interest into buying the ticket and supporting a local school they like or heard of. There is potential that would buy the raffle tickets to support a school or university that they once went to. Plus there are all of the sport fans out there that would like to buy or donate to their favorite college teams and buy tickets.

Having ticket sales as part of an internship for colleges and schools would get many students to do volunteer in ticket sales. Having the opportunity to work towards funds for school and prizes, sounds like it would generate great motivation for ticket sale. The students would also be able to use the name of their school and let the customers now their supporting a good cause, have potential to win and helping with education funds.

I feel with the fact that the potential customer would be supporting so many nonprofit groups, schools, teams and the future of student’s education they would feel obligated to buy more than just one ticket. That is a lot of good cause and support of their community which in return, we all know that one good cause will turn in some good effects. Let’s start off with multiple good causes so that they can later in return become multiple positive effects for every community instead of just one. Think about this would you only buy one ticket that supports some many good things in your community?