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All we need to know is approximately when the last order was placed, what ticket number to start at and any changes to the previous ticket.
1) Go to www.raffleticket.com and go to “Start your order”.
Depending on your browser settings, your previous order may come up.
2) On the Step 1 page. Select your quantity and stock color and fill in all of your shipping & contact information.
3) Go on to the Step 2 page. On 1st Ticket line enter the 1st line as it appeared on your ticket.
4) On Line 2 Tell us “reorder from and the approximate date of the previous order” and where we should start the ticket numbering
5) On the 3rd Ticket line tell us either “No Changes” or what ticket lines need to change. If you need more room, it’s okay to use lines 4 though 9 or the “Instructions” Section.
6) Go to Step 3 (finish) and check out.

Need help? Feel free to give a call 888-472-3849. We are in M-F 8:30 – 5:30 and Sat 10 -1 EST.