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Raffles Are a Good Way for Non-Profit Organizations to Raise Money for Worthy Causes

The use of raffles is a very good way for Non-profit organizations to raise money for worthy causes. The amount of money that can be raised can vary from a small amount to much larger sums. But this usually corresponds to the size of the non-profit since these organizations can also vary from little to big. To illustrate my position, let me use two examples to prove my point. My little brother’s elementary school holds a Christmas bazaar every holiday season. People can have a table (for free) and can sell products from whatever company they represent, whether it be Avon ™, Pampered Chef ™ or Yankee Candle ™. Some people will set up tables with homemade items, like cookies or knitted items or crafts carved from wood. And even some local merchants, like a home improvement or yard-work company, may bring a table.
raffles fundraiser worthy cause 300x300 - Raffles Are a Good Way for Non-Profit Organizations to Raise Money for Worthy Causes

There is always a wide array of tables set up in the gymnasium every year. However, when you walk into the school lobby, the first thing people come to is a raffle table run by the school’s Parent Teacher Organization. Some of the vendors will donate a few items to help fill some prize baskets. People can pay $1-5 for a chance to win one of these different types of baskets. 1 ticket for $1 and 6 or 7 tickets for $5. At the end of the bazaar, the winning ticket is pulled and the winner gets the basket. The PTO may not raise a lot of money but it is still enough for them to help pay for some things for the school kids, like new playground equipment or new computers. It is a quick and successful way to help the PTO and therefore help the kids.

Now, let’s look at the other end of the scale, for organizations that are held on the state or national level, like the Red Cross. But I want to focus on a local chapter of this organization. The chapter, like a local office of the Red Cross, may choose to run a raffle to raise money, but instead of using baked goods or a 30-minute spa session, they may ask a car dealership to donate a car for the prize. People would need to pay maybe $25 or more for a ticket but, then again, the prize is greater than a gift basket. And the time involved is much longer than a few hours spent on a Saturday afternoon in a school gym.

The time of the raffle may take several weeks or a month. In the end, though, the results are similar. The non-profit chapter raises a lot of money but will in turn use it for worthy causes at the state or local level, like donating books to a library or helping with cancer research. Also, instead of getting a Christmas basket, someone will win a car—now that seems to be worth it. And even the dealership, itself, will probably be able to use the car as a charitable donation on their taxes.

So, clearly there are benefits for a non-profit organization to hold a raffle. The size of the results may vary, from something similar to items for a local school to something major like a donation to a medical center. The price of a ticket will fluctuate, like a $1 or so to $25 or more, depending upon the prizes. And the time involved for the contest with also vary, from one afternoon to one month or longer. But non-profit organizations, big and small, will find raffles are a great way to raise money for worthy causes.

The Raffle is a Great Approach to Retaining and Encouraging Customer Loyalty and Retention

Amongst for-profit retail businesses, the use of raffles is a great approach to retaining and encouraging customer loyalty and retention. Raffles keep customers engaged and intrigued about prizes, incentives, and the use of the funds raised during a raffle event. I work for the nation’s largest grocer and think that offering a means to get individuals involved and excited about contributing a small amount for big gains, can makeover the landscape of our marketing scheme and business.
raffles customer loyalty retention strategy 300x170 - The Raffle is a Great Approach to Retaining and Encouraging Customer Loyalty and Retention

Internally, raffles are used in our company across satellite locations: with various leaders and upper management getting involved and standing behind the promotion of sales. “Split the pot” is a favorite way to guarantee that each contributor may have a “piece of the pie” if they were to win in the final drawing. In “split the pot”, each participant pays for any number of raffle tickets, which essentially are added to a large bucket and then that total sum is divided in half. Fifty percent goes to the winner and the other fifty percent is retained for use in internal associate counsels and organizations, so they have the funds to use towards events and programs. Also, due to the fact that our separate business buildings span across not only the Greater Cincinnati area but also across divisions nationwide, well-captured digital pictures and accompanying descriptions are sent out to the masses so even more people wind up donating to the “big pot”. These raffles have also proven to be a success in our company.

Raffles which are delivered at the store level and are customer-facing are also a highly engaging tool for marketing and promotions in the business arena. Customers would likely be thrilled to not just turn to your store for purchasing necessities but also to be in the running for winning items they may buy already such as groceries, beauty care items, gift cards, tools, laundry care products, over-the-counter medications, etc. Additionally, because oftentimes customers are not on a first-name basis nor build a true rapport with associates within a retailer in which they may shop frequently, a raffle may be a nice opportunity to interact more closely with staff. Businesses would be wise to feature select or new and upcoming product door prizes which customers would feel particularly special to win before other shoppers see them on the shelf.

Additional ideas for raffle prizes may include donation on behalf of the customer to a charity they support or whom the business at large is in partnership. Loyalty programs, which may include fuel rewards and a point system, could offer participants, and on a larger scale, the winner(s) to have a certain allotment of these rewards/points added to their customer account to use towards future purchases. Grocery and pharmacy retailers may also offer prizes which align to community offerings like flu shots, other vaccines and immunizations, as well as biometric health screenings and pharmacy coaching, which keep customers in the store and using services, but is advantageous to the customer. Furthermore, if registered dietitians are employed at the retailer, free weekly meal planning, nutrition education, and grocery shopping tours can be awarded.

Other fun features of raffles are their similarity to “gambling”. The game of chance keeps people on the edge of their seat! Furthermore, once a customer wins, they may even feel that raffle ticket number is their next lucky number and may want to purchase lottery tickets at the retailer’s check-out counter. Participants whom win may encourage others to participate and they themselves may even try their hand again at raffling in the near future. Particularly, if the customer finds they have a good experience with the products which they won or are offered at the given retailer, they may tell their friends and thereby support further raffle sales.

In closing, raffle tickets and the incentives and prizes associated with them, can drive sales and engagement for business, for both internal and external customers. Many times the business structure and environment of corporate America isn’t conducive to forming relationships, however customers want to feel important and walk away with an experience, not a transaction. Raffles can be a part of the ultimate solution in motivating, exciting, engaging, retaining, and creating loyalty.

The Innovative Raffle

Most people will be familiar with the experience of shelling out a dollar or two for a tiny little ticket that places us into a raffle for some grand prize that has everyone in the crowd salivating at their chance of claiming it as their own. Many people know the disappointment felt when their number isn’t called and some lucky individuals know the hysteria and elation that results from their number being called!
innovative raffle fundraiser 300x186 - The Innovative Raffle

The enticing possibilities of the generic raffle is almost impossible to turn away, even for small prizes, and as such, raffles are rather commonplace and participation rates are usually quite high. However, a question rarely pondered is, “How does an institution, especially a non profit organization, benefit from fundraising through raffle tickets?” While this may not be a personal issue for the average individual, I will target this next statement for those of whom it does concern; Raffles, when used correctly and innovatively, can be extremely beneficial to non- profit organizations.

To make such an affirmative statement begs the question, “What is the correct way to hold a raffle?”. Well with this, it is important to set goals for future raffles, such as to increase or maximize sales, to find prizes that will stimulate more sales, and to find ways to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets. With goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and tangible, a plan of action can be taken up to hit all of these important points. Conveniently, the following plan does all of that.

First, create an options system that allows people to increase their chances at winning a prize. For instance, instead of selling one ticket to each consumer, offer promotional upgrades such as 1-for-$1, 3-for-$2, and 5-for-$3. The benefit of said system is this: customers derive a stronger sense of security with having higher odds of winning the prize in exchange for adding a small cap on their investment. By adding a second or third dollar to their initial offering, each customer has the ability to get up to 5 times their initial probability of winning the raffle. And, because the cause is just as important as the supporter, the cause gets the benefit of more money being able to be allotted to it. But don’t stop there.

Have the raffle go on for an extended period of at least a week and tell each person who buys a ticket, if they can, to find 3 friends to buy at least one ticket, and as a reward they will get 3 additional tickets added to their pot. Doing this will increase the population aware of the raffle, and, therefor, increase the amount of tickets sold. And with the above promotional sale still available, money can really get flowing for the fundraiser, the organization, and its cause.

All of this assumes that the consumer actually wants to participate in the raffle for the chance at the prize, though. Generally, most raffles will offer one or two expensive, new or somewhat new, electronic devices (i.e. iPads, TV’s, Smartphones). While these are arguably wonderful prizes, they do not apply to everyone. Not everyone needs a new TV, tablet, or phone, because they may already have one or two in their possession. In said situation, the prize won would likely be sold for money on Amazon, Ebay, or something of the like. So, why not take out the middle man and just offer the universally accepted and utilized prize of green- backed money?

Offer as a prize, 3 ascending amounts of money, for example $25, $50, and $100. This means that to the customer, you have given them 3 possible drawings to win, with a maximum of 8 tickets that they can have entered in their name. The odds sound wonderful to the consumer, and that will bring even more money to the foundation and its cause. The increased incentives with this plan allow for, what can be considered, optimized sales and consumer security/satisfaction.

The final thing, at least with the goals established, is to make sure that the volunteers are incentivized to take full advantage of the hours spent serving the foundation and to put their full effort towards sales. To do that, make the sales process and entire fundraiser a friendly competition between the volunteers. Each volunteer would be made responsible for selling as many tickets as possible for the chance to win a mystery prize– “mystery prize” because it would create anticipation and wonder of what said prize would be. Each sale would be recorded and then compared at the conclusion of the fundraiser to award the best salesperson with their prize and celebrate the success of the extended good deed. By doing this, volunteers would have a fun way of interacting with each other and feel their work as even more tangible, in the potential prize they could win.

At the end of the day, the causes and foundations benefit from all of these possible initiatives. The proposed strategy makes the experience of the raffle fundraiser more fun and more beneficial to all parties in a mutually beneficial relationship. It will be a beautiful day when all the efforts to better the world and all the efforts to touch people across multiple backgrounds have their numbers called. That day, everyone will be a winner.

Why Not Hold a Business Raffle?

A wise and distinguished fashion designer named Coco Chanel once said, “The best things in life are free. The second best things are very, very expensive.” When the CEO of a company or corporation creates a business, his intentions are to maximize profits and minimize spending. In order to do so, the business must be successful in augmenting customer loyalty through the method of amplifying customer satisfaction. The best way to improve consumer gratification is that the business must provide the customer with a remarkable experience that remains in the memory of the individual(s) serving the business. As most people in this “Land of Opportunity” work long and arduous hours to make a living, spending money in today’s economy might be difficult. This makes the life of a business owner more challenging as his company is built on the basis of earning money from customers.
business raffle marketing 300x225 - Why Not Hold a Business Raffle?

In order to find the best solution to this unfortunate situation, a company might contemplate implementing a raffle in their marketing efforts. With the concept of life giving lemons and the production of lemonade in the minds of many, it is aesthetically pleasing to know that for some small amount of money, there in lies the probability of expanding this investment and gaining a product worth more than the ticket that is purchased with. Each person has the confidence that they might have the “lucky winning ticket,” and even in the event that confidence is nonexistent the thought process of “it doesn’t hurt to try” will always cross the mind of the individual.

By implementing the raffle contest, companies will seem more personable to each customer as they are giving back to the people and providing the individual with an opportunity to win a valued prize. By promoting the concept of raffles, the corporation is able to create an emotional connection between the company and the consumers to increase the loyalty and influence of future purchase decisions. The customers experience an influx of positive emotions, which become connected to the company. This will result in the continuous efforts of the customer to give business to the company in order to constantly achieve that superior feeling of satisfaction. The happier that people are, the more money they are willing to spend to expand their happiness.

Raffles are not only a great benefit to the consumer, but they are also a phenomenal way to promote the business. With the satisfaction of the customers at a high, this will increase the marketing efforts of the business as each person enjoys spreading the experiences of his/her day to the people in his/her life. One will spread the word of the raffle in order to spread the joys of possibly winning a unique and tangible benefit. This will create an influx of business for the company, which is the greatest way to promote the development of the company. This further demonstrates the “Land of Opportunity” as this is an opportunistic way for both the consumer and corporation to be able to prosper.

How Raffle Fundraising Can Help a Non-Profit Organization

Fundraisers, auctions, and carnivals are all some fun creative ideas to help out a non-profit organization. The first thing that would be required for an event for a non- profit organization, would be written permission. Permission to ensure that it is ok to move forward with this idea, and to make sure the time, space, and money are available to put the event on. Whoever you are planning on hosting the fundraiser or other event with, you might want to get their rules for budgeting and advertising.
raffle fundraising help non profit 300x265 - How Raffle Fundraising Can Help a Non-Profit Organization

To make an event spectacular and fulfilling, you must have a lot of attendants. There is a lot of completion out there competing for people’s spare time, so you have to make sure that there is something that will be worthwhile, and great, so they feel they won’t want to miss out on your event. No event is ever free. You will have rental costs for the venue, sound system charges, food and drinks, parking, tables and chairs, and much more! If you are looking to save some money, and get some help for the event to be paid for, a good way to go is through a sponsor. Have some people or local businesses sponsor your event, and help out. Maybe even have that business donate a prize for a raffle.

There is a lot of work, and research involved to obtain help from a sponsor. But if you are willing to work through it, it will be well worth it. Once you have your details about payment planned out, your next major thing you will want to do is get the word out about your event. A great way to do this is to make posters and ask business if you can display them there, use your mailing list and send out invitations, insert flyers into the bulletin of churches if you are holding a church event, or even go to the extreme and send out a press release to all local radio and TV networks. These are just a few ideas of what you can do to help promote your event. There is also social media which is bound to get a good number of people!

Another thing that will be a major must will be to keep a record of every donation big or small. The reason for this is to see where the money is coming from, and if any money is missing. You will also want to do this to send a thank you email, letter or message for all the patrons who donate to your cause. Small local Non-Profit organizations such as a church or a VFW can always use the money for their building, help host event for the patrons who attend, and get the word out for their business. These organizations are making this world a better place by their willingness to do things such as a fundraiser or a carnival. Not only do they help out their community, but they also create loyal customers, or patrons. If you are creating something for people to come to your event, or come to your store, when that is over, said and done, they are going to want to comeback or have another event to come back to.

In the end, it creates loyal customers who come back asking about your information. The bottom line to this is, nonprofit organizations are some great places. They help our community and when people are helping our community, it is a lot easier to get the support of the local people around you.

Create The Perfect Atmosphere Around a Raffle Event

Essential marketing revolves around one key aspect; bringing back customers based off of a genuine, great experience. Accomplishing this task can come in a multitude of ways, but one of the most effective is using promotional retention methods such as a raffling event. Raffling combines several aspects to make for a genuinely memorable occasion. A raffle ticket combines atmosphere, a rush of excitement, and a winner to whom a lasting memory of success is connected. Raffling epitomizes marketing by combining the senses with a lasting experience for the human mind to drive off of. By effectively creating an atmosphere that speaks to more than a raffle, yet drive the raffle as an essential selling point, businesses can derive retention rates that will boost the positive aspects of business.
fundraising event perfect 300x169 - Create The Perfect Atmosphere Around a Raffle Event

Creating the perfect atmosphere around a raffle event is the first step to establishing a loyal and winning raffle event. Without a proper atmosphere you cannot hope to bring about returning customers. Atmosphere at a raffle event must speak to the company’s core culture, a culture of benefitting the customer. A welcoming atmosphere will welcome any participants immediately, thus obtaining their attention. After obtaining their attention, the positive attention, it is important to establish an environment of friendly behavior from the employees operating the raffle. This may come simply in the form of a smile and a, “How is your day?” However, depending on the raffle technique, this may come in the form of a conversation about their day. Showing genuine care for a potential customer is the first step in establishing a positive mentality about the company. Genuine care projected from an employee is essential to winning over a customer, for in that customer’s mind they had a winning day even if they did not win the raffle.

Evoking the senses of the customer, in a positive light, is the fundamental aspect of atmosphere. Part of this comes in establishing a winning day for the customer, even if they did not win a raffle prize. Evoking all the senses scientifically comes about by putting a tension in the brain. That is, creating a rush of dopamine that signifies happiness. This can be done by creating a game out of the raffle. The situation is peaceful and relaxed creating a position for the customer to open up, yet it is tense in their brain for they are playing a game. After all, they want to win something. However, even if they do not win the rush of dopamine to the brain will create an imprint that requests for that event again. This can be followed up by the company in two ways. The first way that is almost inevitable and the premise of a raffle, is to invite the customers back to the store for a shopping experience. The customer should want to return in order to have that happy rush of dopamine again, at least that is what the brain is telling them. A second method is establishing several raffles. An effective way to market duplicate raffles for companies without invoking high prices on the company is by raffling a grand prize, several smaller prizes, and possibly coupons for the store. Therefore, the customer has a high incentive to return to that store in order to use the coupon again. This also increases the rush of dopamine to the brain, making the imprint of that area larger and more desirable to occur again.

Raffling is about creating a memorable event, not only the technique matters, but the atmosphere matters. The underwritten goal is for the customer to desire to return based off of care they perceived to receive. The imprint on the customer’s brain should be twofold: caring and fun. The care they receive should speak to the customer service they wish to receive again by returning to the store they discovered. The fun imprint will be the brain subtly urging them to return based off the grand experience that occurred on their last trip. By doing this properly, a raffling event can be a genuine and effective way to drive retention through marketing.

Raffle Fundraising In a Nutshell

A non-profit organization can definitely benefit from a raffle fundraiser. In order to maximize sales the following groups must be considered: family and friends, neighbors, co-workers and the general public. Selling to family and friends, standing right in front of them, makes it difficult for that person to turn you down. Ask them how many raffle tickets they want instead of asking them if they want to purchase. Use phrases such as, will you help us meet/reach our goal?
raffle fundraising in nutshell 300x213 - Raffle Fundraising In a Nutshell

Selling to the general public will take more work and creativity. Displaying signs and handing out flyers is a way to pre-sell the tickets-get the word out ahead of time. Tell people enthusiastically what the fundraiser is for, a new playground, equipment, etc. As far as prizes and donations go, be determined. Get as many donations as possible. Use social media, emails to friends, letters to local businesses, use any and all connections you have. A local car dealer is a great place to start.

Follow up with a reminder deadline and a thank you, when a business or individual donates. Companies and organizations may be hesitant to donate to your cause if it’s the first time. Be persistent; a successful raffle will set the way for an even more successful raffle the next time. You may have to use some of your organization’s money for one top “draw” prize that will be advertised. But if you put in the time and hard work to secure donations for several prizes to be raffled off, you’ll have that much more profit.

Another kind of raffle is to have a registration type fundraiser such as for a sports organization. Post an $80 registration fee, and then give each child’s family $80 in raffle tickets to either sell, or just fill them out and put them into the pot to win raffle prizes. You will still need donations from businesses. Consequently if you sell all 80 tickets, you signed up for free. It’s a situation where everyone wins. But be sure and do your legal homework, the laws governing raffles are determined state-by-state. Some states, have deemed them illegal as part of gambling, while other states allow a raffle fundraiser for just about anything. In addition, some cities and even counties in the U.S. require a separate application for a charity raffle. Be sure to find out well in advance what is required to hold a raffle, and get any applications submitted in time

Don’t forget to thank your donors for their donations on your website, social media channels and in print publications. Not only will your donors feel appreciated, but other potential donors will see that they will get appropriate publicity if they participate and may also be donating prizes for your next raffle. Don’t forget to do something to thank the volunteers and ticket sellers. Throw an appreciation party and give out awards to the highest sellers and an incentive for selling the winning raffle ticket or tickets. Come next year’s raffle, you’ll have people already in place you can count on to help!

Non-Profits Who Hold Successful Raffles Benefit In Many Ways

Non-profits who hold successful raffles benefit in many ways.
benefit many ways raffle fundraising 300x193 - Non-Profits Who Hold Successful Raffles Benefit In Many Ways

1. They raise money to reach a goal.

2. They raise awareness of their non-profit’s participation in the community.

3. They make partnerships with local community organizations and businesses!

Most local businesses will gladly donate prizes to be used in a raffle because they get free PR, they can write off the donation, and when the non-profit aligns with the businesses’ financial goals, it can save the business money, i.e. helping a local church raise money to feed the homeless can actually decrease the health-related expenses for ER visits because people who are eating healthy will spend less time in the ER as a result of health complications due to chronic hunger.

This is a good reason for local hospitals/urgent care facilities to donate towards the non-profit’s fundraiser. They key is to find businesses that will benefit from a successful fundraiser. Maximize exposure for the business; press releases, t-shirts, buttons, logo on tickets and programs, and any signage that is present at the fundraiser the day of it’s conclusion, and also consider including discount coupons or gift cards that drive people into the businesses.
Once you have secured local businesses to sponsor prizes, it’s time to sell tickets. The two easiest ways to sell tickets is to:

1. Partner with a local community college’s fraternity/sorority members.

2. Use social media.

The reason to partner with a local community college is that most fraternities and sororities will do fundraising as part of their chapter’s goals each semester. Here you have some of the up and coming young minds of your community and if you can get them behind your cause, you have an endless source of fresh ideas and energy to drive your fundraising. A very easy way to get them onboard is to create a competition between fraternities or sororities. Whichever group sells the most raffle tickets will earn a 60″ TV for their house, or new furniture for the living area. Of course, because the non-profit is partnering with local businesses, getting a local business to donate this TV or furniture, especially when they know it will put their name in front of students who will be in a position to buy their products soon, should not prove difficult.

The students will come up with the ideas for selling the tickets without much input from you, other than to make sure their method of salesmanship aligns with your non-profit’s mission statement.
The reason social media becomes important is that one idea can spread to 10’s of thousands of potential ticket buyers in a few hours! Using Facebook as the example, a simple contest of “like this status and be entered into a drawing to win ‘this’ ” can bring valuable added “likes” to a non-profit’s Facebook page. Placing a way to buy a ticket on the Facebook page, via credit card, will increase ticket sales. Asking people who have liked your page to share it with their friends is another easy way to promote an event, where tickets will be sold.

Using these two strategies will increase any non-profit’s raffle ticket sales, and cost the non-profit nothing other than a few phone calls and someone to pay attention to the Facebook page.

Raffle Are Rewarding

Imagine a wonderful non-profit organization, such as Feeding America, holding a raffle to raise money to feed starving children all over the world. Holding a raffle fundraiser could immensely benefit so many of these selfless organizations. Raffles sell tickets to the people who come, which would help raise exponential amounts of money. They could also hold a drawing and the winner receives the jackpot. I do not see anything negative about it. The buyers get to help out in supporting the cause and the non-profit gets to receive funds to continue its charitable actions.
raffles rewarding 300x200 - Raffle Are Rewarding

Giving incentives in the raffle, such as large prizes or trips could definitely increase the sale of tickets in a raffle. I can imagine hordes of people huddling over the ticket booth for a chance to win that trip to Hawaii, they could never afford to go on. If that organization does not have enough funds to afford such extravagant prizes, T-shirts or small gifts that relate to the cause would likely be just as effective. Advertising the group you are supporting is another way to increases the revenue. If someone saw an injured animal or a starving baby on a poster of a raffle fundraiser, I am sure that would significantly increase the number of ticket holders. You just need to find people who are passionate about the cause.

Volunteers are completely passionate about the cause they are fighting for. They are the vital key in non-profits. They are the glue that holds it all together. Sometimes, volunteers can find it difficult to find people who are willing to take the time to listen to what they have to say. If someone is not completely sure what the organization is all about, it makes it much more difficult to get them to come to the event or buy a ticket. A possible way to have volunteers to sell more tickets is to go door to door. Many people, undoubtedly, wish to help such an event but are not directly contacted about it. The drive and motivation of every volunteer is to be admired. “Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless,” (Sherry Anderson). Not everyone understands the struggle and sacrifice a volunteer faces. A nice piece of encouragement would likely lift their spirits. A volunteer is sure to sell more tickets if they are properly praised and recognized for all of their achievements.

Non-profit organizations are exemplary groups of people fighting to help a cause or accomplish a goal. There are numerous reasons why holding a raffle for a non-profit organization would be of use to them. Fundraisers with raffles are a successful and necessary outlet to raise money. They are also an extremely enjoyable event to go to with your friends or family. Many more people should recognize the benefits of holding a raffle for a non-profit. Get involved. Everyone should do their part to help support groups, such as these, for sacrificing their time and efforts to charitable causes.

Making Your Fundraiser Easy

Fundraising is a difficult venture. Just ask any kid that’s been part of a youth organization, be it a sports team or a church group. There’s the natural apprehension about the idea, after all, most kids aren’t exactly comfortable taking the traditional fundraising route, knocking on door after door peddling items in a catalogue to strangers. It’s hard work, generally for little reward. The thought arises: there has to be a better idea! And in fact there is, in the form of raffle fundraising.
make fundraising easy - Making Your Fundraiser Easy

For the organization supporting the raffle, there are a myriad of ways to enhance the sales of tickets. Initially, it would be wise to keep the price of tickets on the lower side relative to the city. This would bolster confidence among the sellers and entice buyers. Another option would be to host a car wash, where the cost of a ticket would include a specific number of raffle tickets (say one or two per car). This is a fantastic option to kill two birds with one stone, the first being that the labor would be free (and thus cost-effective) because the volunteers would wash the cars, and second because the car wash would provide extra money for the fundraiser, on top of the raffle ticket. Additionally, allowing the raffle tickets to be sold in bulk, and for a discount, would certainly benefit all involved. As the number of tickets purchased increased, the price decreased. For example, one ticket sells for twenty dollars, while three sells for fifty. Moreover, once the tickets have been sold, the selection of the raffle tickets should be fun! Invite every person who bought a ticket to a selection party, which could be something small with finger food and a DJ, or something larger like a themed event. This would be sure to excite the general public about the raffle.

The last method to increase ticket sales is to offer phenomenal prizes. We’re only human after all, and humans respond best to incentives. It would be highly important to focus the prizes on the demographic at hand. After all, it makes little sense to offer a deep-sea fishing cruise to people in Nebraska. But assuming the demographic has been established, some prizes sure to incentivize people include some sort of adventurous outing. Sky diving perhaps, or tickets to a theme park if one is close by. For adults, a romantic date night with a paid babysitter. The goal would be to offer several different prizes, that way the fundraiser isn’t alienating potential supporters.

And finally, it’s important to remember those selling the tickets, for the ultimate success or failure of the raffle rests firmly on their shoulders. An end of the raffle party should be held to thank the volunteers for all their hard work, and at that party, top sellers should be recognized and presented with a prize of some sort. If most of the sellers are young, a thought would be to offer them a gift card or some piece of up and coming technology. If the sellers are adults then some special event they can do together would be appropriate. But the crux of the appreciation should be in the form of a shared experience for everybody, this way if another raffle or other type of fundraiser is needed in the future, you’ll have a ready and willing crew of volunteers.