A Profitable Raffle Ticket Fundraiser

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In this time and day non-profit organizations rely mainly on fundraisers to help cover the cost of expenses. These non-profit organization can get the most out of any fundraiser by having a raffle fundraiser.

A raffle brings in opportunities to give donated items to a person that buys Raffle tickets and wins a drawing. However if the company wants to bring in as much customers as they can to sell raffle tickets they will need prizes that are worth the money to spend on tickets. These items can be donated items or antique items. What ever the type of prize items an organization decides to put up for raffle it needs to be worth it. Have someone donate a TV, I once had a church member donate an old truck.

Non- profit organizations can also maximize the cost of raffle tickets at the beginning of the fundraiser then slightly lower the cost of tickets given people the opportunity to see a price decrees and buy tickets, everyone likes a good sale so why not apply that to tickets. Another important part of a fundraiser is loyal and trustworthy volunteers. There are several ways to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets and one of those ways is to offer prizes to the volunteers too. Such as offering the top seller of raffle tickets a prize or gift card. However the volunteer prize can not exceed the value of the fund-raising prizes. Volunteers need to be motivated to do a good job since they will not be getting paid for their time.

A profitable Raffle Ticket Fundraiser can bring in lots of benefits and money depending on how many raffle tickets were sold.

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