Why Not Hold a Business Raffle by Zack Silva

Why Not Hold a Business Raffle by Zack Silva


Various businesses can benefit from the fundraising effort, no matter how big or small the company is. The concept isn’t hard to follow either, yet, somehow we perceive it as a negative thing. The boosting of trust among customers and employees regarding raffling can be done by boosting hope and moral, as well as promotional offers by which give people ways to compete.


One way of doing this is actually quite simple: promotions. Many stores are starting to get on board with this way of thinking because it is smart. Think about it, you are offering a promotion for, lets say, buy one get one free. Yes, your supply runs low, but how many more people are going to buy two just because they get one for free? This simple, yet effective sales strategy is apparent in today's society. Something is odd though, not many raffles are seen among these chains. Why?


Well, as stated earlier, we can infer that it is juvenile and seen as a weakness, taking money from customers for a chance in a raffle. This is where you have to have quick-thinking employees and staff. You see, if I were a businessman, there is one thing I would probably do, a promotion that puts people automatically in a raffle.


The way I would do this is offer something along the lines of this: If you purchase one hundred dollars or more in items, you will be automatically entered for a chance to win prizes. This method is easier on the people, because they don’t need to worry about the raffle, and it makes people want to spend more just to be part of the raffle. Of course, this will cost you. You will need to put up worthwhile items on the raffle list. To determine this, you might want to check with your sales or even inventory to check on what items are considered “hot” and might attract customers more than others. This way, the customer wants to participate in the raffle to get the prize and makes your sales go through the roof.


Also, by offering different raffles like this one, you can start to earn the loyalty of the customer. If you offer prizes, just for shopping at your store, many others will want to shop at your store to have a shot at possibly winning the prize of the raffle. Call it motivation. You are giving people a reason to shop at your store other than your prices that your offer. You can even get creative. Say, you send out magazines to your customers, which have offers inside them by which they can win certain items at no cost to them. This way, more people will look forward to your offers and see your store as generous, as well as trustworthy, if you deliver and follow through.

This can be a valuable asset, as more and more people are shopping at your store, the word gets out about your promotions and invites even more people, and the process begins again, sending your revenue through the roof of what they were in the past. In this way, many people can benefit from raffles, even in business.

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Contributed by Zack Silva

December 28, 2015



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