Tips For a Better Raffle by Azalea Renee Cadle

Tips For a Better Raffle by Azalea Renee Cadle

a)   To maximize the sale of raffle tickets you could implement bingo games and people buy the bingo books and then for every purchase of five tickets you give one raffle ticket free this would boost sales. You could also implement the sale of raffle tickets used for purchasing food from a rented food truck and each food item is a certain amount of tickets. You would have a line of people for either event. People like bingo and people also love to eat. You could host one of those example events and then also sell tickets to raffle off items bought to raise a profit on the sale of raffle tickets. You could buy some meat and have a raffle in the bingo hall to win some expensive meat from the grocery store.  You could also host a raffle to win some barbeque tools for grilling such as spatula, fork, tongs etc… You could host a raffle to win a trip to an inexpensive destination also such as Florida either purchase the tickets as cheap as you can get it or see if a company would be willing to donate some free tickets.


b)   Some prizes I believe that would encourage and stimulate ticket sales are expensive meats (such as steaks, turkeys etc…) You could also offer for the person who bought the most raffle tickets for the meats a free bingo packet. If you did a food truck where each food item had a specific amount of tickets need to purchase an item you could sell more tickets because you can set the amount of each food item (such as brats-4tickets, hotdogs-3, tacos-2 etc…) If you did that you could also offer condiments for an additional ticket such as the use of ketchup&mustard-1 and sourkraut-3. For the food truck you could host a raffle to win a grilling tool set for one lucky winner.


c)   One way to motivate volunteers would be to host a give the person who sold the most raffle tickets a prize. You could offer first, second and third place prizes with ideas such as first place prize being a gift card for groceries in the amount of $50.00 from the ticket sales, second place you would win a gas card for $25 and finally third place winner would get a pair of movie tickets for your local cinema in the amount of $15. You could also do a different contest with the volunteers where for every $100 in raffle sales you would give the person a $20 gas card or Visa Gift card in the amount of $20. You could also donate a percentage of all sales to an organization that the volunteers that are working to sell the tickets believe in such as homeless shelter, Red Cross, United Way or a church, race for the cure etc… this of course would make the volunteers want to work hard to sell as many tickets as they could because they would want to raise as much as they could for the organization they believed in.

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Contributed by Azalea Renee Cadle

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