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Maintaining a flourishing business can be hard. Not only does one have to keep their customers happy, but they also have to think of new innovative ways to keep their customer loyalty and even gain new clientele. A new idea could be the end of their prestigious business, or it could make it the new big thing. Furthermore, existing customers prefer stability. They do not want to endorse a business that is hit or miss. There are many ideas businesses will attempt, but one of the most successful ones is the use of a raffle.

            Typically, raffles can be a huge success not only for the business but for the customers as well. For simply shopping at the business or using one of the businesses’ services, customer’s names and information can be entered in for a raffle. It is at no extra expense to the customer. Furthermore, if they have won, not only has the customer received great goods or service from the business but additional prizes as well. Every person loves a chance to win a grand prize. If the customer is satisfied, he/she can refer others. Now the business’s clientele has expanded, but businesses also prosper in other areas as well. By having customers submit their information, businesses hold on to their customers contact information. The customer’s information is now stored forever. The business can now contact the customer for sales, discounts, or other products that the customer may show some interest. Following up with customers is important in every business to keep good relationships. Though the business has to pay for the prizes and raffle tickets, it is a small deduction from the revenue they can receive from making their customers happy and even possibly receiving new clientele from existing customer referrals.

            Furthermore, through the use of raffles, the business can figure out their customer profile. They can figure out what prizes their customers want and also what prizes their customers do not consider valuable. This can help the business out in the future if they choose to expand. The business has now figured out their target market’s income, interests, hobbies, age, and even possibly family size. Businesses can use this information to suggest products the consumer will be interested in currently or for the future. This handles a great deal of market research for the business.

            Therefore, raffle tickets ae beneficial for both customers and businesses. Customers have a chance to win additional prizes with no extra charge or effort to them and might refer others to the business. Businesses, however, reap the better benefit. Raffles help them with market research, keep in contact with customers, keep customers happy, and can even build their clientele. Though businesses have to spend some money, they benefit by keeping customers happy and have them still use the services or buy the goods they provide. It is a small cost for the revenue they could possibly earn. Businesses cannot grow without giving, and raffles are a great way to give back and ultimately retain customer loyalty.

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