The Raffle Ticket As a Walking Advertisement For Your Business by Renee Edwards

The Raffle Ticket As a Walking Advertisement For Your Business by Renee Edwards


Describe how a business (including retail and service) can derive promotional and customer
loyalty/retention benefit by utilizing a raffle in their marketing efforts

Businesses small and large are standing on the brink of the next phase and age of the 21st
Century economy. The notably theorized and studied business principles and practices of
yesterday have been buried behind the surge of technology and off-site manufacturing, creating a
new kind of relationship between the seller and the buyer. Social media has fought the tech boom
ladder arriving as the most influential art type of technology and basic communication in recent
history. With all great things, there are great burdens, technology morphing many behind the
conscious interactions moving each second and with each hash tag. The basic principle of
business is the ability to provide a product or service in a market place demanding and in need of
the offering. The successful business owner understand the accelerated production or superb and
creative social customer interactions are the road to success and longevity.

If we probably asked most young adults today when was the last time they purchased a raffle
tickets, the response would most likely be never and what it the link. The raffle system is a
conventional and developed method of luck without deep regret. The raffle systems allows
customers and this is the key-non customers the thought of buying in to a chance to change their
circumstances individually without sacrificing deep personal ideals, custom or capital
investment. The raffle buyer is now a walking and breathing advertisement of the business.
Moving as a silent partner and proprietor of the system because they understand and see the
means to the end.

The loyal customers are the easiest to engage as they have signed on the
movement and the offering. The loyal customer will always serve as a tireless promoter of the
business but without further energy maturation because they have received the primary goal and
focus – the product. Customer retention and loyalty is a game of balance the time and the golden
rule. Staying ahead of the time with current and potential events is the first necessary step toward
understanding how retention works. If one knows not his/her buyer and the world outside the
buyer’s window, one cannot create a need nor sustain the need. Secondly, the age old Golden
Rule of making new friends but keeping the old is the clearest description of the loyal customer
and the courted customer.

As stated prior, the loyal customer is stable and earthed in the
foundation of the business, the potential customer must be allured to the business. The raffle
market is one of the most affective techniques to promote customer loyalty and drive
promotional benefit with an economically friendly operational cost. The final step in
maximizing the raffle system is the most popular and most underutilized science of marketing. If
no one knows, no one buys and no one sells. Placing the product and the opportunity to
participate before the eyes of each potential raffle- buyer is the primary goal. Ensuring a
balanced campaign effort without over saturation of any one market/medium (social media, TV,
Web, and Radio). Raffle systems are much more personal in purpose and from that the
heightened level of intimacy creates an enormous consortium of word of mouth Guerilla Street
marketing with high return and low investment. The wheel was created once long ago in ancient
Egypt and never needed recreation to further along the evolution.

The raffle system has been
long used by business owners, local groups and individuals to effectively raise capital in a fun,
fair and honest competition of luck.

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