The Many Benefits of Raffle Ticket Sales by Kacey Conklin

The Many Benefits of Raffle Ticket Sales by Kacey Conklin


Non-profit organizations can best derive benefit for their fundraising effort by holding a raffle fundraiser because not only do people buy the tickets because they know it is going to a good cause, but when the antics are upped by knowing that they might possibly gain something in the process it tends to peeks buyers interest.

I have personally seen and been apart of raffles held for all different programs and organizations, it is rewarding to know that whatever is raised is going to benefit someone in need. Although some people buy the tickets just because they are good Samaritans for others that doesn't seem to be enough so sometimes getting creative in the selling process helps out. For example if you are selling raffle tickets at a sporting event having multiple people walking through the stands and parking lots is always helpful, but you don't want just anyone to be approaching potential donators.

The people who are giving out tickets and collecting money should be extremely out going and have bubbly personalities. In other words, a good salesman. Have them dressed in something that is supporting the organization and if they have a personal connection to the organization even better. Having someone that can explain what the funds are going to from a first hand account makes it more personal and therefore people better relate. When they can put themselves in the situation from their prospective it makes them more apt to want to help, thinking well what if that was happening to me or somebody that I love.

The door prizes that you could win from raffles are usually items that have been donated to the organization as well. Sometimes they are just small things like a stuffed animal or a backpack but other times they are for larger more valuable items that appeal to a broad spectrum of people. If it is something of value that people can use or that is in high demand among the public people may buy more tickets to up their chances of being the winner.

It helps ease their conscience to know that even though they only bought so many tickets because they want the big prize when the drawing is done that the money they spent to buy the tickets went to a good cause so it wasn't all selfish. As for the volunteers for most of them the satisfaction of knowing what they are doing is for a good cause and will be beneficial to people or places in need is enough motivation for them to push to sell as many tickets as possible.

For others though they might need an extra boost of motivation so maybe the volunteer that sells the most amount of tickets at the end of the day or the event should get either special recognition or get their choice of a lunch or dinner that they don't have to pay for. A small award even a plastic trophy they can set out could be good because then they get a form of recognition for being a part of something greater than themselves.

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Contributed by Kacey Conklin

December 14, 2015

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