The Importance of Charity Work by Dominique Lindsey

The Importance of Charity Work by Dominique Lindsey

     Every year, the Beaufort County Belk stores hold a charity event that highlights the non-profit establishments within the county.  During this event, dozens of organizations gather in the local store and set up a table or platform to hand out information or display the talents of the program.  This event is open to all organizations that benefit the community by providing a service.  Each participating group is given a certain number of $10 off purchase raffle tickets to sell.  The tickets not only allow for a discount but also allow access to the event.  I have been lucky enough to participate through the Beaufort County Youth Orchestra.  Our group is comprised of orchestra students ages 12-18 who audition to be a part of the Youth Orchestra.  The program not only promotes the art of music but also gives young students the opportunity to play music that is not offered in the public schools.  The Youth Orchestra operates on donations and fundraising.  During this event, the students are each given 10 raffle tickets to sell.  During this event time consumers are given an up close and personal time with the participants of the event.  Our youth group would play musical selections, while other groups may make a special dessert or coffee. 

     This event highlights those groups in the area who provide special services that without any direct need, most would never know anything about.  Information as well as time with the people who dedicate their time to the organizations, bridges the gap for those in the community.  The store received a huge turnout from the sale of the tickets.  It increases sale volume during a period when the store would have otherwise been slow.  It also shows strong support for programs that directly benefit the area.  The non-profit participants would receive a portion of the $10 raffle ticket proceeds as well as exposure.  It is my belief that without businesses directly bridging the gap between consumer and local charities there are those who would have no idea what the community offered.  It shows a level of support that cannot be displayed in any other way.  I have seen consumers give a donation to the organizations at the charity event.  There is also an opportunity to gain information on volunteering.  Through this experience I learned the power of participation. 

     By participating in this event our group gained audience members that had no idea about our youth organization.  It also taught me about getting involved in our community.  I have a passion for Special Needs children and intend on studying Special Education at the University of South Carolina Upstate.  I volunteer at the Special Olympics events that are held in Beaufort County as well as other reading programs at the local elementary schools in my area.  Charity work is very important and I will support the Belk Stores because they support what is important to me.  The community is the same way.  People will turn out for events that benefit them as well as those in need.  By offering a monetary discount on the purchase during a unique shopping experience all while giving back to the community, is an easy sell. 

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Contributed by Dominique Lindsey

December 22, 2015



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