Simple Approaches to Setting Up a Raffle Fundraiser by Abagail Brown

Simple Approaches to Setting Up a Raffle Fundraiser by Abagail Brown


Raffle tickets are a great way to help non-profit organizations raise donations for an idea or project that they wish to participate in. A few simple different approaches to setting up and designing a raffle ticket event can greatly increase raffle sales.

To increase the sales of a raffle tickets It would be beneficial to offer prizes that persons of all ages would wish to win, such as a toy for the younger ages. Toys that could be included would be a stuffed animal, remote control car, dolls, action figures or DS for older kids. Electronic device for ages in the teens and middle age such as an Iphone, Ipad, lap top, gift cards for gas, groceries, trip certificates or a small flat screen TV, and perhaps some craft or pamper products for those in the senior citizen category with products along the lines of body wash from Bath and Body, a gift cards, trip certificates, or even a sewing basket.

Offering a different prize for different age groups insures an increase in ticket sales do to the wide variety of prizes that appeal to a larger variety of people. Prizes however are not the only variable that is included in the amount of sales that a raffle ticket event brings in, the volunteers eagerness to sell the tickets contributes as well.

One proposal to increase the volunteers determination of sales would be to offer a reward to the one member who sells the most raffles. To keep track of the amount of tickets sold by each volunteer, each volunteer can be designated to a different color of raffle ticket allowing the counting process of the raffles to come at ease.

Another idea to keep track of the raffles enter would be to have the volunteer sign the ticket that is entered into the raffle. After the raffle is complete volunteers count the raffles with the names on it and the member with the most names entered wins the prize.

Volunteer interest in selling the most tickets can be increased by using volunteers who care greatly about the cause and what the money is being raised for. Volunteers who are invested heavily in the project and/or idea will be more likely to try and sell more tickets than one who only has some interest in selling tickets. You can provide a sign up sheet for volunteers to sign to sell the tickets. This helps increase the likelihood that only those who wish to sell the tickets will in fact be participating in that particular job. 

Raffle tickets are a wonderful way to help with non-profit organizations to achieve the amount of profits they need to change the world and be able to reach the goal they set out to obtain. They allow both those who choose to donate to the organization and the organization to find themselves in a win-win situation.

In that case, who would not be happy?


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Contributed by: Abagail Brown

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