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A raffle is an amazing opportunity to raise money for any organization.  By getting companies to donate services and products, the company wins with the advertising they get on having their product marketed.  Those in the organization need to work together to promote, sale, execute the event to reach the goal. Rewards come for both the organization and the recipient of the item being raffled.

Companies want to help organizations, but not always in a monetary way.  Services the company offers can benefit sometimes even more making an item priceless.  The companies want their item to be known so they can help market and advertise the event. For example, a company donates a car to be raffled is priceless to a family that has never owed a car before. The donor can send out reminders to employees, clients and others about the event to help spark interest and reach a bigger audience than the initial organization is capable of reaching.  Once people receive the item, product loyalty can help businesses return their investment. This long term benefit can give the company increased client tell and increased revenue.

Ideas for raffle items include: cars, theme baskets (bath, kitchen, restaurant, garden, baby items, games, home, gift cards), services by the organization (babysitting, car wash, meals, doing laundry, cleaning, raking leaves, going to the store), vacations ( bed and breakfast, hotels, car rental, trips to resorts, transportation)  technology ( computer, cell phone, printer, stereo, camera), and food (restaurants, home cooked meals).  By getting businesses to donate items, the cost to promote the raffle can be expanded.

Most individuals in an organization have a multitude of contacts around the area. One person may be in soccer where another is in gymnastics reaching two separate markets.  In addition, with social media and the internet, word of sales can get out fast.  If online purchases can be made, sales can expand on a national level not just a local. This will encourage individuals to reach out to a multitude of opportunities to get to the desired goals.

Motivation for individual participation can include, but not limited to personal receipt of raffle opportunities with so many sales, top seller gets extra entries,  knowing the goal of the raffle purpose (camp, travel, improvements to facility), and consequences if participation is not achieved. Amount of participation can be rewarded on a percentage basis of sales or hours of productive effort.  A person that sells $500 may have put 20 hours in where another sells $2000 and puts 5 hours toward goal can be rewarded on overall effort. When people realize the impact of the final goal, more individuals are motivated to work for the end result.  For example, if a church is trying to raise money for a new education building, people are more motivated to help than to just donate out of their pocket to reach the goal. Those that would rather just donate money can, the end goal can still be reached.  People are naturally competitive, business and individuals, so posting results can help drive individuals to improve on the outcomes.

Getting people excited to reach a goal will help the organization, donors, and participants.  Knowing consequences may help motivate some individuals to reach goals of selling or obtaining items to be raffled.  Having a variety of items is the best strategy because individuals preferences may vary based on lifestyle. A female would love a manicure where a male may love an opportunity to play golf.  Having a variety of items to reach your market place will result in most profit.  Rewarding everyone involved such as:  thank you notes to vendors, extra opportunities for sellers, pictures with businesses published on web sites, will help each individual realize that every participant can make a difference.

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