Zachary Tully essay

Raffle tickets have been a huge boon for one of the great organizations to which I volunteer. I am an Emergency Medical Technician for South Toms River First Aid Squad, an all-volunteer first aid squad. We had the opportunity to use raffle tickets for a 50/50 raffle. What this means is we would take half the profits of all raffle tickets sold and the winner would take the other half. We did this in order to be able to fund the purchase of uniforms and equipment. I had the honor of being able to participate in this benefit and it really helped us out. Each individual member Emergency Medical Technician would take ten tickets at a time and attempt to sell them to friends, family, coworkers and anyone who they could get to participate. The raffle was to occur at the same time as a food truck event that our organization put together. The raffle was the perfect complement as we were able to draw a crowd and sell tickets during the event as well. The raffle was a hit and many people were excited to participate, both members who were selling the tickets and everyone who came out to support our first aid squad and to participate in the event.

The raffle helped us to raise money in order to purchase new uniforms for the winter. Each squad member was able to get a cold weather cap and fleece. This is going to be incredible because as winter is here we will be able to match in uniform and stay warm while providing top notch first aid care. Uniformity is important in emergency medical services as it provides an immediately identifiable way for patients to be able to trust us and it alleviates their fears when seeing us. It also helps build trust seeing people meant to help them looking professionally. People are more apt to trust people to provide lifesaving services if they are well dressed and uniform in appearance. It shows a level of professionality that will assist us in serving the community.

I was very grateful to be able to participate in this. Personally I sold the tickets to members of my family who were very happy to help an organization I was a part of. It helped my family feel involved in my life and assist me in helping the community into which I am so ingrained. I was able to also participate and benefit my fellow members by being able to sell these tickets and to help raise awareness of the good causes in the community. I felt great being able to get involved even more and I know the officers appreciated my efforts. I had never considered a raffle as a good way to reach out to the community, to raise awareness, and do important fundraising. This experience helped me understand new ways to bring communities together and to help great organizations. I am now able to fully appreciate the importance of a raffle and this experience was truly rewarding.

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