Yousif El-samman essay

  1. Describe how a business (including retail and service) can derive promotional and customer loyalty/retention benefit by utilizing a raffle in their marketing efforts.

Raffle tickets can play a huge role in businesses. With raffle tickets businesses can run multiple deals and incentives in order generate a wide range of traffic towards their business. Instead of using the old and boring “insert email to win a FREE TV,” the raffle can force people to make the initiative to show up to the store. Raffle’s also help organize wins at several events as well as sales. In my opinion raffles can be used in several ways to increase sales as well as organize deals.

During my junior year of high school, I worked at dunkin donuts. However, this Dunkin donuts was making very minimal sales, so I started picking up an interest in social media marketing for business. Soon I learned that I can boost the sales in dunkin donuts by a raffle with social media marketing. I planned it out by running an ad on Facebook to buy any size coffee and get a chance to enter a raffle for free coffee for a year. The ad ran for 2 weeks and we generated around 3,000 raffles within that period. When the ad finished we picked one ticket from the raffle and called for the winner. We spent roughly 50 dollars buying raffles and around 100 for the Facebook ad. In total, we generated 6,000 dollars from coffees bought. The raffles help organizes everything and have customers come to the store rather than putting in their email. The usage of raffle tickets allowed customers to actually buy something rather than inserting their email for follow ups on incentives and offers.

Another way raffles can be used in retail is limited product releases. For example, if a retail company was to drop a limited-edition product, they can charge a one 1-dollar fee for a raffle and would easily get 10,000 people to show up for the raffle. Just by doing this they would generate 10,000 dollars and then choose random people from the raffle to buy the product. From there the person who buys the product can easily flip the price of the product and sell it to the 10,000 people who missed out on it. Raffles would help a lot in this situation because it allows an organized way of releasing new products. Now imagine a product release without a raffle. First of all they would have tons of people lining up in front of the store causing severe traffic and disruption to people. They would also have to deal with managing a line and arguments with the customers over the product. All this hassle could be removed if everyone would have the fair opportunity to buy a raffle and wait to be called if they won.

Overall, ticket raffles can be used in several ways these days with businesses. Raffles can be used to organize many retail stores and releases. They can also help provide big businesses with strategies to generate customers to come to the business. Raffles will always continue being the number one use in fundraisers, events, business and many more.

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