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Raffle Fundraiser Essay


The biggest inhibitor to trying new fundraising raffle techniques comes from the fact that non-profit organizations must act as responsible stewards of the of all contributions.  This directly forces their risk tolerance to go low. Introducing different innovation techniques of fundraising becomes a high-risk proposition for organizations who avoid those types of risks. With the federal funding for social services is expected to stay flat or decrease, it’s more important than ever for noncharitable organizations to find other means to make up for the shortfalls in the funding streams.  Some ways of increasing the raffle fundraising power outreach include affiliated marketing, social media, and annual memberships to the organization.


For affiliated marketing, raffle fundraisers could be held at related events or products (concerts, movie premiers, book introductions, or etc.). These raffle tickets could be sold at movie premiers or book promotion for celebrities who share the same concerns as the non-profit organizations.  For example, “Medicine Man” movie related to looking for medical cures from the rainforest would be a good public outlet premier that an environmental non-profit group would promote their raffle drawings associated with the environment.  As part of helping the non-profit organization, celebrities or music artists can offer VIP concert tickets or movie premiers as part of the raffle drawing prizes so that it increases the celebrities’ image status while lowering the expenditures of the raffle ticket fundraising of the non-profit organization.  Customer purchasing products would be rewarded with an equivalent number of raffle ticket entries. Prices of the products should reflect a 5-10% markup to include the contribution payment for raffle ticket entries.  In return, a 5-10% commissions from the sales of their product at the end of the year would paid to the non-profit organization.


Raffle fundraising could rely on social media (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) companies for help on spreading the message about their cause of what they’re trying to do to boost sales.  Social media companies could apply advanced algorithms for their non-profit advertisements to attract individuals who may be sympathetic to causes related to their own professions.  Demographics, seniority, age, education, and skills can be factored into the algorithms so that the non-profit ads target the right audience for donations and purchasing raffle tickets.  Social media companies could build their public image as helping with charitable organizations with free advertisements of their raffle fund raising.  Or if economically necessary, there could be a small paid commission paid from the non-profit organization to the social media in terms of a percentage that remains fixed based on the terms of the contract.


Social media experts would show ads for the non-profit organization in neuropathic research in the specific individual’s social media account.  The ads should focus on problems and challenges in the related professional field, getting their social media ability to steer them into charitable giving. For example, people working in the medical field for nervous system maybe sympathetic to charitable organizations associated with neuropathic research investigation.  Others who watch medical videos might increase the fundraising of raffle tickets if the stories are handled in earnest and honest ways.


Second, offering raffle tickets for others who purchase annual memberships or magazine subscriptions to the non-profit organization could help sustain the extra funding stream needed.  The number of the raffle tickets offered should be at least equivalent to the 85% sale of the number of tickets which would have been purchased directly by the individual purchased alone.  Paid members would be given one free ticket, while enhanced paid members would get two raffle tickets, and premium paid members would get four raffle tickets.  It provides the incentive for the individual to get an annual membership with exclusive discounts, support their non-profit organization for a worthy cause, and at the same time getting a higher number of raffle tickets into the drawing. Annual memberships could include behind the scenes of their non-profit organization as well as chance each month to contact leaders of the organization live in person on telecon for one hour.


Lastly, part of fundraising raffle ticket success comes from motivating volunteers to increase the sales of tickets with their time and effort.  A progressive type of fundraising reward of tickets would motivate goal getters up to first, second, and third.  However, there should be several consolation or participation prizes for any who have sold beyond a certain amount of tickets.  This gives incentives for volunteers to work hard at reaching specific goals for themselves even if they are not as prowl in sales as their other collogues.  If this is not offered, they might get discouraged from selling those tickets because they feel they are always in competition with a stronger sales representative.  Based on the number of tickets sold, the non-profit organization could count a specific number of volunteer or community service hours towards their schools, clubs, or scholarships.  Non-profit organizations could try to have volunteers sell their raffle tickets in return for receiving tickets in a separate raffle for a small percentage of the commission to be paid to the winner’s choice of another non-profit organization.  This approach builds networking between different non-profit organization while motivating volunteers for their dedicated service. This could also build additional revenue from the sale of the non-profit raffle from volunteers.


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