William J Hines essay

When a new business, or even an old business, finds themselves in a slow state, where the business slows down a little bit, and there is a dip in sales, the company usually tries to find some hot new gimmick to try and reel in new business. Some companies put out sales, getting discounts on goods or services in order to try and bring in more customers. Some of the companies will end up laying people off, to try and balance out the money coming into the business, compared to the money they are putting out to their employees, due to the lower influx of money coming. So what do companies that need to bring in more business, while doing it on the cheapest side possible? They bring in an outside source to come up with the next big idea to get people to come through the doors, and bring business back up.
Sometimes when companies hire outside help to drum up some new business, they end up spending more on the actual service, of having someone come in who is a professional at bringing in more business, and all they end up doing, is proposing some ideas, getting a few more sales for the month, and costing the business they are helping time and money for the idea to really take hold. So, what happens to those companies that can not afford to have outside help come in and bring up their numbers? The ones that can not afford to wait for the idea to take hold, and really start to show in their numbers for the month? They go with the cheapest thing they can come up with. They go with, raffle sales.
Raffles can be some of the easiest events to put together in a short amount of time. They are not very expensive, when you think about the tickets themselves, maybe some containers to collect the tickets that have been filled out in, but for the most part, the most expensive portion of the raffle is the prize that is being raffled off, which is usually something that the company already provides, as to make it easier on them to provide to the customers. I used to work for a small family owned business, that in order to drum up sales, would have raffles every holiday season, and the prizes were always given to us to use by the companies that made the dog food that they were selling. Some companies would buy the next big gaming system, or a brand new television, and make the only requirement to enter, buying a bag of dog food the customer already needed for the family pet anyway. We, the store, would always see an incredible increase in sales during the months of November and December due to these raffles, even for dog food that normally did not sell at all the rest of the months out of the year, but when someone wants a new item for their home, they will buy anything to enter the raffle.
Sometimes it takes time to really be able to get a company off the ground running, and make enough sales to keep the company afloat without the owner having to put money out of their pockets into the business. Sometimes it takes something as small as a raffle to get a company that has fallen on hard times, back onto its feet, and allow it to keep rolling with the punches, and keep coming back for more. Marketing is all about striking at the right time, when the iron is hot, and able to be molded into the proper shape that is needed to get the job done, and sometimes companies know just how, and when to strike it best.

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