Vanessa Sasaki essay

  In high school, I played on the varsity softball team for all four years of school. My coach was always hard on my team for fundraising. The school I went to was not the richest school, so we had to always fundraise. My coach always made sure that we were awarded for raising money, always that it helped our team and helped me as an individual.
       Every time that we fundraised, my coach would make sure that we received the prizes that we deserved. One fundraiser we did was Fan Cloth, which meant we sold clothing to family and friends. so whoever sold the most gear would receive another prize. Another fundraiser we did was snap-raise, which meant we give our coach emails and people would donate money. Also, in this fundraiser if we received a certain amount of money, then we would raise another prize. For example, I received a shirt for the amount of money that I received from my donations of people through their emails.
        Next, these two fundraisers helped my team tremendously with money. We continued to use these fundraisers because it helped our program and the girls received prizes for their hard work. The Fan Cloth was a few hundred dollars towards my softball team. Then Snap-raise was a few thousand dollars that impacted my team as well. Since we had more money, we were able to receive better equipment and do more activities as a team.
        Then these fundraisers enriched me because I do not like asking people to help me out. But with the Fan Cloth fundraiser I would just ask if they want to same clothes, which was not that bad. Then for Snap-raise I just put twenty emails into the website and money just started to roll right in. So these fundraisers made it easier on me, since I am not big on fundraising.
        Finally, fundraising really helped my high school softball team and it can help many other programs as well. Every fundraiser is different and can help with money. Fundraising is something that most do not like. But can be bearable; especially with the kind of fundraisers that I have done in the past. Just remember that fundraisers that are only here to help any programs in need of it.
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