Travis Eyster essay

I find that some of the best efforts in marketing are the ones which grab attention as well as provide a reward structure. I believe raffles can achieve both with little effort by the business. One man or woman can bring together the volunteers and the cost of the tickets can pay for the expenses of the event. Raffles are common in organizations, businesses, and numerous other entities. Therefore, even the mention of a raffle will intrinsically call out to people, so it becomes fertile ground for any maturing business’s marketing team. Any raffle that reoccurs allows the marketing ideas and company branding to further take hold in the customer’s minds. I think it would improve the customer’s loyalty to the business, because on a psychological level it would produce emotions such as comfort and excitement. In addition, raffles resemble gambling in some ways. Gambling is known to trigger a release of dopamine in the brain. My thoughts are that people could receive a similar trigger that would then release dopamine and cause a content feeling. Furthermore, if a business did the raffling activity regularly it could reproduce the content feeling, thus creating a retention effect among the customers. The social elements involved in a raffle event should not be overlooked. The event presents unique opportunities to come together for the participants, almost like an employee building event. The raffle offers a chance to barter the raffle tickets or prizes. That element alone brings devising strategies and problem solving to the event, which further appeals to certain types of thinkers. People enjoy bringing their families as well as significant others to observe the hard work and dedication they give to the service or product. When one brings the consumers of the product into the mix only adds value. I cannot think of a better way of bringing together the customers and people who lead or create the product, since the raffle can accommodate the customers as well as the employees. Some people thrive in high activity and social environments, so it is possible that some of the attendees will keep attending due to character traits and personalities. It is important to not only conduct the raffle professionally, but also add significant charismatic speakers. The publicity that can come from a large raffle can be astounding a best fitting speaker. Significance of the speaker can vary greatly depending upon the audience, scope, or budget of the event, but the speaker should convey a message directed for the customers. It could be a learning experience, announcement, comic relief, dedication, or any number of such talks. The key is to utilize the speaker to give special thanks to the business and thank the executives which further highlights the leadership of the business. It allows the customers to piece together how the event is able to be conducted and who they can associate their products originating from. I believe this is similar to putting the name to the face, but in the business case it is the leadership to the products.



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