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I am the product of two immigrant parents coming from their country to America possessing nothing. As a child of a Hungarian and a Romanian immigrant working and acquiring an education was was essential in my family. Therefore, my main focus has always been making my parents proud by working to flourish in all aspects of my life. My grandmother had died when my mother was only 16 so she  had to provide everything for herself as well as my dad who also in a similar situation as he didn’t have any family structure growing up either. In correlation, as  an aftershock of their struggles my parents moved to America to provide a better life for themselves. That predicament took a monumental toll on my parents because they didn’t receive as much elderly admonishment as people normally do.

As a result of our knowing no one in an unfamiliar country I focused on working hard so that my parents would be less stressed, this developed the strength within me to prosper in a working environment.  have been working since I was 13 earning my own money partly because I didn’t want to burden my parents with buying me things I wanted, but did not need. I am always overcome with an ecstatic feeling as the result of retaining and procuring my own money because of strenuous labor. Furthermore, by the time I was 16 I had already had been working at a catering company and it provided me with the perspicacity experience I needed to strive.  I was thrown into each job I worked at expected to learn fast and work fast despite my age, I worked with all adults I was set to an extremely high standard of expectations. However, I did not mind this just because of the sheer fact I knew it would only be beneficial to me in the end. I had decided to take my parents invigorating encouragement to begin working young not just solely for my prosperity, but just because of the incontestable fact that no matter how much they tried to ensconce it they struggled with money. This in turn put extraneous pressure on me because I knew they wouldn’t have the money to pay for the things I needed later on especially college so that would be something that I needed to work towards.

Working helped undeniably mold my outlook on life not only from the standpoint  that I had to mature faster than my other friends around me but it also taught to genuinely appreciate everything I have. My parents allowing me to enter the workforce at a young age really gave me perspective on how hard you are required to work to succeed in life and I continued to strive with their support. Their resilient intention for me to have better than what they do has motivated me to approach everything in life in the with the most motivated drive I find in myself is possible. My entire life I have worked towards my goal of furthering my education by going to college and becoming a physician’s assistant because with my parents as an example, I want to ensure the best future for myself there is possible.

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