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Fundraising is one of the ways in which non profitable organizations such as church groups, civil groups and youth sports organizations can generate some income for the effective and smooth running of their programs. The process of fundraising in these organizations involves voluntary gathering of money or other relevant resources, by requesting donation from individuals, business organizations, some charitable foundations and the governmental agencies. The fundraising may involve the option where a gambling competition is set in place and people obtain the numbered tickets by each ticket having a chance of winning a prize at a given set of time. In the riffle ticket selling process, the winners are drawn from the container containing a copy of every number necessary for one to win then the drawn tickets are checked against the collection of prizes with numbers attached on them and the holder of the ticket win the prize. A raffle fundraiser understands the rule of this game and facilitate it a right way during fundraising to ensure large number of resources are garnered for smooth running the non-profitable organizations including the church organization, youth sports organizations and the civil groups. In order for this method of fundraising to yield much benefit to these organizations, they need to embrace strategy that help maximize the sale of the tickets, prize that would stimulate and encourage maximum riffle tickets sale and motivating of volunteers so that they can sell as many tickets as possible.

In order for as many as possible raffle ticket to be sold; the prizing ideas needs to be initiated so much so those who have low income and are willing to purchase the riffle tickets are not left behind in the entire process and the charitable organizations including the church organizations, civil organizations and the youth club organizations. The use of multiple raffles in the sales process also enhance the number of tickets sold at a given interval of time since this increases the chance of getting so many people who are excited about the chance of winning a big prize while donating for the cause of the sales of raffle tickets. The use art raffle fundraiser also increases the number of tickets sold at a given duration of time since it is of more when an event is hosted whereby the artists donate a sample of the works they have done and volunteers sell a select number of high dollar raffle tickets which is always of the same number as donated art fundraising items. And finally by laying down some rule to the ticket sellers provides a greater opportunity where so many tickets can be sold at a time since the rules will have to followed very keenly preventing unnecessary pitfalls.

In setting the prize that would stimulate and encourage ticket sellers, the raffle fundraisers for either the church organizations or the civil organizations and any other relevant non profitable organizations carry out some simple calculations so as to see how many tickets will be sold and the price at which the organization will have to the sell the tickets so as to encourage people to purchase as many tickets as possible. When the raffle fundraisers play around by the quantity of the raffle ticket, it is and the ticket pricing including matching of the customer base, it of the customer base may make it easy to make a plan aimed at achieving all the fundraising goals. The use of price calculator helps to perform all the necessary calculations for the raffle fundraisers to ensure that the next ticket selling is more successful than before. When calculating the price of each raffle ticket by the raffle fundraiser, the total revenue to be raised is considered and calculated the price tickets would need for given quantity of raffle ticket sales calculated by dividing the total quantity of revenue by the total revenue collected by the quantity of the ticket. For instance when the ticket seller wish to sell one thousand raffle tickets then he/she would need to sell each of the riffle ticket 3.63 dollar for them to reach the goal or the price can rounded up to bill increment of five dollars. The price that can be charged on the raffle ticket depend on the prices that are offering the demographic of the market that targeted by the raffle fundraisers. For instance when the ticket is being sold to the university students then one ticket may goes for fifteen dollars for a chance to win DVD costing twenty dollars. In deciding the price at the raffle ticket should be sold, it is also important to consider the extent n the price would worth most of the participants so that many raffle tickets are sold. Providing the volunteer team with a pleasant place to work is also another good way to motivate the volunteers to increase on their selling since they would all need an office environment that is very clean and stimulating and making them feel good and not boring while selling the raffle tickets. Providing some reasonable stipend to the raffle ticket sellers when they deserve it will increase their selling capacity since they will feel that they are doing some job that is paying it a volunteer in description. The amount stipend offered should be in consistent with the amount that other organizations provide their raffle ticket sellers.

In order to attaining maximum selling of the riffle tickets, the motivation of volunteers who are selling the ticket should be the priority of the raffle fundraisers. Proving the volunteers with the opportunity for development motivate them and help improve on their daily sales since they have ample opportunity to learn new skills after providing them with some trainings which are necessary for them to advance on their career of selling the tickets including the latest technologies that can applied in the field of raffle ticket selling. By encouraging happiness among the volunteers and the raffle fundraisers, the volunteers will be motivated to work and sell more tickets even beyond the set targets also even if the volunteer has made a mistake of failed to reach the set target; he/she should not be punished but instead encouraged work for improvement and finally setting for them a very clear goal that they need to attain enable the increase on their selling capacity since they will treat the work as the priority as pursue their responsibility to their best understanding.


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