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Non-profit organizations are extremely important to all communities. Many people and families are not as fortunate as others, and non-profits have the ability to help these people. Raffle fundraisers are an extremely useful way to raise money for those who need it most and to help continue programs that are assisting others. Many churches assist shelters by donating, money, manpower, and goods. These types of helpful churches could use raffle tickets to raise money to purchase goods for shelters and make sure their own programs are funded enough to continue their mission. When considering a raffle, church leaders need to first consider what type of prizes to offer. The best prizes are those that maximize profits so it’s best to choose gifts that a member of the congregation can make. An example of this might be baked goods, quilts, jewelry or other unique DIY projects. Another strategy for choosing prizes is to pick an item people need or would really want. This way you know they will pay for the chance to maybe get it. An example of this might be a gift card, grill or cooler. Another way to increase purchases of raffle tickets is to combine prizes to make a basket of great things people want this especially works well if you have a multitude of small gifts that would be better sold together. Examples of this idea would be things like movie night baskets. Baskets could include popcorn, a DVD and some candy. The most important part of a raffle fundraiser is getting the word out about the sale. In our modernly digital world it is getting easier and easier to connect with people outside the original sphere of influence. Flyers should be created that include the prizes; name of the group hosting it and the charitable organization the money will be going to. The fliers should be posted on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. They should also be printed out and put on community boards so that people walking around can see. Even though these techniques can be very successful the most important and… way to advertise a fundraiser is face-to-face advertising. It’s a great idea to get kids involved and go door to door with supervision and try to sell tickets.  People are much more likely to buy tickets if a child is personally asking them rather that seeing a flyer on the Internet. Luckily children do not need too much motivation and usually get very exited about things by themselves. However a great way to motivate these volunteers is offer treats and small prizes if a certain amount of money is raised. These prizes could be as simple as a donut or pizza party or even candy treats at checkpoints.  Overall raffle ticket sales are a great way to get people involved with raising money for people in need. Churches are a example of institutions that can gain a lot from uses raffle fundraiser. Through raffles, churches are able to get children active and complete their missions of helping others in shelters raise and other organizations that need money.

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