Sonja Ringlever essay

1. Describe how a business (including retail and service) can derive promotional and customer loyalty/retention benefit by utilizing a raffle in their marketing efforts.
Businesses are constantly trying to get customers into their stores. Especially in the days of online shopping and same day delivery, businesses more than ever are seeking foot traffic in order to maintain their brick and mortar establishments.

Thinking back on the early days of Black Friday shopping, the most popular stores were those who offered free merchandise for the first customers who entered the doors. This same type of draw in advertising could also benefit stores and businesses in getting customers in the door. For an existing or new business, a raffle could easily entice people into coming into the store in order to have a chance to win a coveted item. The store could easily offer a free ticket in order to attract people into the door initially, and even offer more raffle entries based on how much a customer buys. This could easily encourage shoppers to buy more merchandise in order to have more entries into the raffle.

Additionally, raffles are an easy draw for people. The rules are widely known, and easy to understand, so people will likely be willing to join in on the fun. This will make it easy for people to come for an event, shop around for a while waiting for the raffle to proceed, and then take part in the raffle. This will allow customers to take their time in the store, and for employees to make connections and provide support to customers. This will hopefully result in greater foot traffic, higher sales, and possibly even better reviews and suggestions from customers to visit the store.

In the end a raffle could highly benefit a businesses trying to attract large groups of customers. Such an event will not only bring in more people, but will allow for greater opportunity to grow its reputation for serving customers. This type of promotion, will likely cost the store little, but bring in foot traffic and more sales.

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