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  • Describe how non-profit organizations, (including church groups, civic groups, youth sports organizations) can best derive benefit for their fundraising effort by holding a raffle fundraiser. Offer proposals for a) maximizing the sales of their raffle tickets b) prizes that would encourage and stimulate ticket sales c) suggested ways to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets.


I believe that non-profit organizations, (including church groups, civic groups, youth sports organizations) can best develop benefits for their raffle fundraising effort is by promoting it on social media (e.g. Facebook, Pinterst and Twitter) or Internet, utilizing outside resources such as the local newspaper and/or the local television news station and involving local business. I believe that utilizing social media or the internet can be quite powerful in spreading the message about raffle fundraising because everyone is on it every second. Secondly, advertising on the local newspaper or reaching out to the local news station can be essential because everyone reads the newspaper and watches the news on a daily basis. Thirdly, advertising with local businesses can be a key point because they not only support you, but will also network within other local business that might be interested.

One of the ways in maximizing the sales of the raffle tickets is selling the tickets for a discounted price if one wants to in a package. Also, if there is more gifts and prizes available, then a person would want to purchase more tickets! Please keep in mind that the more attractive the prizes (e.g. Television, Apple Products, Gift Cards, etc.) the more people you will have in purchasing the raffles! You can get all those prize products for a very reasonable price via Ebay or Amazon. In regards to the suggested ways to motivate volunteers, it should be taken into consideration that you have to have the right volunteers involved that want to be there!! The volunteers should understand that they are there for a good reason (e.g., doing something positive and good for the community). Another way to motivate them is to have a food pantry or small “thank you” gifts to show the volunteers appreciation! You would be surprised that some of the smallest gifts or even a “thank you” can take a volunteer to the next level! One thing I have learned with volunteering within my community is the Director coming over to me and telling me how grateful she was in having me support the Church with my time and I was blessed by her. Good luck and stay positive!



Shaneel Pratap

Shaneel Pratap

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