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Businesses can use raffle in their marketing efforts in order to derive promotional and customer loyalty. This is done by a way of getting and maintaining public attention. In order to get attention, the raffle offers the customers a chance at getting some kind of a reward, in a sense a honey for a bee. The key is to provide an incentive for the customers to participate in a business, which is to offer some kind of benefit, with raffle tickets symbolizing the possible prizes the participant may or may not get. In a sense it is a gamble, but with no substantial cost, and if raffle is free no costs at all. With the society that seeks benefits and frankly, addicted to gambling, it is no surprise that people would be eager to participate in a business affair that only has benefits with no downsides. The offer sounds too good to be true. That is because it is.

When you have honey, you will attract multiple bees. Same principle goes for human beings and raffle tickets. When a business is offering benefits without costs, at least initially, people will be eager to participate and will be hooked on it. Now that the people have gained awareness of the product with the initial experience, they will disseminate the information about the business to their friends, colleagues, and contacts. In a sense, the businesses have advertised themselves with the usage of raffles.

Now that the product has become well known, people will be eager to buy them. Now a business will have a strong demand to match their steady supply. This tactic is done in order to avoid a surplus, a situation where there is very little demand with too much supply. In a sense, it is avoiding being wasteful and having losses.

The first impression a business can have is a key. If the business appears stingy or unreasonable or too pricy, it will not have many customers supporting it, much less gain their loyalty. People become loyal to an enterprise only after receiving some kind of benefit, nobody does something without receiving something in return. In this principle, the raffles are ideal, for they allow the customers to have a good experience with the products and have a rather good impression on the business. The first good impression is fundamental to forging good business relations with customers. It lets customers know that it is ok to trust the business you represent and that you are reliable.

In a world where there are multiple companies, it is hard to keep track of all the companies and businesses, so it is essential to stand out. The raffle strategy allows a business to have some kind of distinction from the other companies, in other words, it makes customers remember which business or company had given them benefit, thus they would be eager to visit again. This way, a trust and loyalty of a customer can be obtained and must be retained with diligence. Having satisfied customers is the heart of business.

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