Samantha Klopman essay

Prompt: Describe how a business (including retail and service) can derive promotional and customer loyalty/retention benefit by utilizing a raffle in their marketing efforts.


“The winning raffle ticket is…”, that simple phrase can make all

participants get excited and anxious. Raffles keep things exciting and random because it utilizes the technique “luck of the draw” which puts everyone on an equal playing field. Business’s can really benefit by implementing raffles into their selling strategies by increasing store traffic and gaining customer loyalty.


Typically when someone doesn’t win a raffle, they will often try again

because they now want to win more than ever knowing what it feels like to loose. If retail stores use raffles in their marketing strategies they will not only

increase traffic in the store, but they will also increase sales tremendously. For example, at checkout for a week the employees of the particular store asks

customers if they want to enter the raffle. If yes, the employee gives them the date to come back for the drawing. This creates excitement and will encourage the customer revisit the store. Now they are being exposed to the merchandise again which could lead to potential purchases and will ultimately increase sales. The stores will clearly see the benefit of the raffle drawing on a different day as the traffic in the store will increase from new customers as they want to be apart of the excitement as well. By incorporating raffles on a consistent basis,

customers will be excited to visit the store again and this will create a fun and engaging environment for the shoppers to be in.


The prize in the raffle is also a huge factor in what gets the customer

excited. Whether it is a retail store or service, the prize should be something that anyone could enjoy. A good prize can be the latest tech product such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home. This will keep the customers coming back to the store to enter more raffles in the future in hopes of being up to date with technology and getting it for such a low price if chosen as winner. Another idea for the prize could be a 50/50, half the money goes to charity and half the

money goes to the winner. This will make all the participants and the winner feel like they are doing something good. People love to feel like they are doing something to help out a cause, and doing a 50/50 raffle will give participants

instant gratification.This could also help spread a good word for the store, it will get people talking about the good deeds the store is promoting. Which will lead to a good reputation for the company and more store traffic.


Raffles are a great way to keep the customers excited while shopping and excited at home leading up to the drawing date. By doing raffles on a consistent basis, word will get around and more people will come to the store to

participate. Customers will become repeat customers as they want to be apart of the action and the potential prizes will keep participants on their toes.

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