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Non-profit organizations like church groups, civic groups, and youth sports organizations can benefit greatly from raffle ticket fundraising. They can maximize the sales of their raffle tickets through some of the top social media channels for business marketing. Providing prizes that have a high level of quality rather than monetary value can build a prize credibility level. By this I mean that your prizes will be with winners for a long time. To bring these together you must encourage your volunteers to sell more tickets. It takes a lot more than goals to accomplish raffle ticket success.

Spending is often the biggest issue with non-profit organizations, since most or the entire dollar amount of their money is invested back into their cause. A way to gain success in maximizing ticket sales for their raffle ticket fundraising event is the utilization of social media and newsletters if their organization publishes them. Both forms of advertising are not only cost effective, but can be great influencers in making sells. Social media has proven to be one of the biggest marketing channels online. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have become the top social media channels for businesses to market through in 2017. Two of these sites, Facebook and Instagram are typically the most attractive to non-profits because they are FREE. They are also a great way to build anticipation of prizes.

One of the most attractive things at events are the prizes. The great thing about prizes is that it doesn’t really matter how much money you do or don’t spend on them. Non-profit organizations can use their own resources to create prizes like gift baskets, vases, or baked goods. It could even be feasible for a non-profit to buy prizes in bulk. Though this is not the most time-consuming portion of fundraising planning it is the most crucial in holding the attention of the audience. Something that I feel will encourage tickets sells is not telling attendants WHAT they can win if they buy a raffle ticket. I believe that this will not give someone a reason to decide on whether to buy before they get to the event.

Through this entire process it is most important to keep the people planning the event HAPPY. Volunteers will not want to help coordinate the event if they do not feel appreciated or motivated. A way to avoid them not feeling appreciated or lacking motivation would be creating a raffle contest for them as incentive. It is both a great incentive for the volunteers, but it also can get them excited about the raffle ticket fundraising event. They may gain prizes like tumblers with the organization’s logo on it or t-shirts as prizes. It makes the event more personal for them and gets them excited about selling tickets by giving them a ticket in the drawing for every five tickets that they sell outside of the raffle ticket fundraising event. Each volunteer will be given a pouch and their own mini roll of raffle tickets. Any unsold tickets will be taken to the fundraiser and sold there.

In conclusion I would like to encourage all non-profits to focus more on what they can do for free to promote their organizations and organization’s events. Because no matter or well an event goes, their pocket book will not suffer at the end of the day. Thank you so much for your consideration. Happy raffling!



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