Richard Tyler essay

As a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity on Jacksonville University campus, my brothers and I have created a raffle for the fraternity. Jacksonville University is an expensive school and we realized that paying $500 a semester for dues that go towards national headquarters and social events is only adding to the burden of paying for school. I was able to work with our scholarship chair in the fraternity to work on a raffle in order to reduce the cost of dues for the semester. We did this based on how well each brother did on their GPA from last semester (spring 2017) and by midterms (fall 2017). We used this as an incentive for our brothers to get better grades and receive a higher dues reduction. For the raffle of last semester grades, we constructed it so brothers who made a 2.5 GPA or higher had one ticket with their name thrown in the hat. Brothers with a 3.0 GPA had two names and those with a 3.5 or higher had three names in the raffle and a chance to win $100 dues reduction. We did the same raffle later in the semester for midterm grades. Two names were picked from each raffle, so four brothers in total received $100 reductions on their dues for the next semester. The results were very positive as there was an increase in the number of brothers who made a 3.0 GPA from last semester to midterms. Many of them wanted to make their name in the hat several times in order to have a higher chance of winning the $100 dues reduction. Through this experience of creating a raffle, I was able to learn more about my brothers than I had before. The integrity of each brother shined through as many of them planned for and managed more study hours in the library which directly affected the increase in GPA. The brothers wanted to actually have the cost of dues go down and going to the library and studying more helped the case. The evidence was apparent in the increased GPA from semesters beginning to midterms. Through the process we helped to address the problem of brothers with different majors. For the raffle we will have next semester, we will have a discussion to decide what to do if to do anything at all. Even though everyone has a tough time with their individual major, and each open brings its own challenges, there is no denying that some are more challenging than others. Some brothers who are nursing and biology majors have a tougher time than our glass blowing or music theatre majors. Those issues will be addressed in the spring semester, but overall the raffle was a success that will be continued for the next year, at least until I graduate. This experience helped to show me a what a raffle fundraiser can be like in the real world. Sigma Nu and fraternities in general are run somewhat like a business, and in the future when I have a real job, it will be an activity to complete with the company I work for. Incentives, prizes and cost reductions are a great way to incentivize people and keep morale within a group of individuals. This is one experience I will take with me for the future and events to come.


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