Rebecca Devon Goldstein essay

Non-profit organizations such as church groups, youth sport groups, or other organizations that may require fundraising can benefit the most in profit from a raffle fundraiser. There would have to be deals based on how many tickets a person would be willing to purchase, an example being five tickets for five dollars or so on and so forth. The prizes should be something that not only is big and can catch the eye but also relates back to your beliefs. If it’s a youth sport group it would make sense for sport equipment to be in a raffle rather than alcoholic beverages. There would also have to be multiple raffle prizes available.

              From my experience, the best kind of raffles would be the Chinese auction. You would put all the prizes on a table with bags to collect tickets. Those who purchased tickets would be able to put their tickets in whichever bag for whichever prize that they wanted. Having multiple prizes also offers more of a belief that more people will win prizes. Another idea would to have multiple levels of prizes and code them based on the color of the raffle tickets and can price them differently. This could also leave room for different levels in prices and prizes. Another tactic is to have prizes for specific audiences. If the audience is older, you wouldn’t buy things for the prizes that would appeal to the younger audiences. You also might want to give away prizes that the volunteers would want because then it would lead to them also purchasing tickets to get the money flowing and more fundraising going.

              Some ways to motivate volunteers to sell more tickets could be to entice them with pizza parties which is something I find very successful. Another idea would be like the girl scouts do where there is a prize chart for them as well. Those prizes they can redeem depending on how many tickets they sell. Then, it can become a friendly competition which usually motivates the volunteers to sell more tickets. It’s best to sell the tickets within a large community due to statistics. The volunteers may get a lot of ‘no’s when it comes to selling tickets; however, the more people you ask, the more likely people will pay for raffle tickets to win prizes.

              I have witnessed this in a charity walk for Hydrocephalus. They had a Chinese auction where there were different levels of raffle tickets—yellow, blue, and white—and it would cost twenty dollars for fifteen tickets. You would get five of each color tickets to be used throughout the raffle. Then, as you saw more people enter the raffle, you were compelled to buy more. This raffle alone raised a few thousand dollars for the cause and I believe it is the best way to sell raffle tickets. The volunteers were motivated with their own prizes including a spa day and massage or free food or gift certificates. Volunteers went around the grounds where the walk was being held to invite guests over to purchase tickets and contribute to the fundraising event.

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