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Benefits of Raffle Ticket Sales


A non-profit organization like a church organization can always do a fundraising to help the church with bake sales. I feel bake sales is the right idea because in the past ten years, a church organization I belonged to near my neighborhood was able to raise at least one hundred to two hundred thousand dollars towards it bake sales collection.  Bake sales certainly draws almost everyone in the community  to attend.  For the last five years, I have physically witnessed a one time bake sales that gave the church at least a seventy thousands dollar worth within a whole Summer.  I am talking about a Summer of 2016, Mt. Zion Baptist was able to raise at least seventy thousand dollars.  In fact, not only did the church earned money, but they were able to win fiften hundred souls that became part of the church.  Guess what?  In the next year which was 2017, fiften hundred new people were added to our bake sale team and they raised the bake sale money to at least ninety seven thousand dollars.  Therefore, the church certainly moved up in their economy.  In the total of two consecutive Summer, the bake sale team of Mount Zion baptist church made about one hundred thousand dollars, which was amazing.  Clearly, these income alone was not included the riffle tickets and the boat ride that came along after each bake sale.  Certainly if the amount of money made with riffle tickets and boat ride was to add, Mount Zion Baptist church made at a least one hundred and ninety six to two hundred thousand dollars worth of bake sales.  I mean, that was incredible because no one would think the church could raised this much money.  I am thinking the bake sale was very successful because the church had four sessions to it.  The first session was about bakery from fifteen different culture and each had a unique nutritious ingredients that made everyone wanted to buy those and tried them.  The second session, had A Mary Go Round where parent and their children who wanted to ride on it, paid and rode on it with their children.  I fact, at the Mary Go Round, adults were charged twenty dollars a piece per ride and children ages fifteen and nineteen were charged fifteen dollars.  Children fourteen and under were only charged five dollars a piece.  Therefore, if five hundred kids fourteen and under got on, they would pay, two thousand five hundred.  Then if four hundred kids sixteen and up got on they would paid four thousand five hundred and these excluded the adults.  However, if three hundred adults got on, they would pay six thousand dollars all together.  Now if you add up money made Round Mary Go Round alone they made about thirteen thousand dollars. Now, the third session was the riffle tickets.  Each riffle ticket caused  ten dollars only and they had about fifteen thousand because Mount Zion Baptist church has about five hundred thousands congregation of which fifteen thousand were expected to show up to the bake sale every year.  Therefore, the riffle ticket alone gave the bake sale about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars which was a lot of money.  So thirteen thousand dollars plus one hundred and fifty thousands dollars, gave gave us about one hundred and sixty three thousands dollars worth of bake sales, which was a lot of money.  In fact, this was not included the other items that were sold including the bakeries.  That’s a lot of money and I enjoyed attending it every year.

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