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“Impact a Life” College Scholarship 2015 Essays


Thanks for visiting the 2015 “Impact a Life” scholarship essay portal. Our scholarship hopefuls have worked very hard to fullfill the challenge to the future leaders of America to provide creative solutions/ideas to serve their community, church, and service organizations through charitable acts of volunteerism.

You can find an essay by simply clicking on the name of the essay author (link above “Scholarship Entries”.)

This year three scholarships will be awarded in the amounts: $1,000, $600, and $400.

A significant part of the criteria for selecting a winner is social media participation.

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Angela Giordano

“3…2…1…Pop!”, Dahlia announced over the microphone. All at once in the crowded room one after the next the raffle balloons began popping. Tiny tickets of paper inscribed with numbers floated down from the ceiling to the floor; retrieved by the purchaser—the key to their winnings. The unique part about this […]

Joshua Hunter

One morning you wake up, your head snaps off the pillow, and “BAM!”, this great idea to start a charity aimed at helping to feed the poor comes to mind. You call it “Feed the World” after that catchy 1984 song by Band Aid. You get cool T-shirts and all […]

Ricardo Tan

Can you imagine a world without music? Well, first imagine a world where your children don’t have the opportunity to learn how to play music. Now, fast-forward several decades and imagine the resulting world where there’s no music anymore because nobody has learned how to play or read music. This […]

Starlisha Poe Robinson

In recent years, I’ve been directly involved or participated in many raffles. These raffles have taken place at church fairs, fundraisers for local youth sports teams, and school fundraisers. I even won 100 dollars from one of the raffles I participated in! There have been raffle fundraisers that I’ve been […]

Sharon Lin

Raffle sales have seen an increase in recent years. I have personally run several successful campaigns using profits and revenue generated from raffle sales for gift baskets, and it is evident that the most lucrative ways to generate donations is through word-of-mouth. By providing gifts that are seemingly worthwhile (such […]