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Benefits of Raffle Ticket Sales


One of the many fundraisers I have participated in is the American Heart Association walk for life. Our organization conducted a bake sale and received countless donations to raise awareness in the cimmunity. Through our volunteering, we were not impacted to hire personnel for a cause that touches so many homes in America. I was very proud and honored to raise funds for a worthy cause. We gathered flyers and passed them out in the community, and discussed ways to improve healthy lifestyles by eating right foods and maintaining a convenient workout plan. Through our network of raffling, we were able to engage more people in the community and accumulated more volunteers than we could have with other fundraising events. The bake sale was great, but the biggest prize from our raffle was an Amazon 7″ tablet. The advantage of having the raffle was the option to extend the deadline to raise as much funds as possible. The demand for technology has increased exponentially, and adults as well as kids were more than willing to spend a few dollars for the opportunity to win a tablet. Through generous donations by companies offering gifts at discounted prices, or maybe even free, most consumers would be more susceptible to buy from a company that engages in efforts to support community awareness. We were fortunate to obtain our tablet at a discounted price, and one of our participants was happy to pay for the prize. People in the community saw this as a chance to view this company’s products more often and possibly utilize their platform for reaching out to more that would love to buy and donate to a worthy cause. I was enriched because I would never have imagined so many people buying hundreds of tickets for such a worthy cause.

Motivation stems from within. There are times when people have been affected by tragedies and the chance to give personal insight drives them to participate. Knowledge is powerful, and the key to any successful fundraiser is purpose and intent, not only raising money, which is the end goal. How did we motivate our volunteers?, plain and simple talking about success stories, tragedies and highlighting personal experiences. Making an impact on one life means we made a difference. When people see you are fighting for a worthy cause, they are prone to join in to make a difference. We all try to give back to the community in some for or fashion, whether it’s a huge impact or small,  change occurs. I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing I contributed and my time was well spent giving back and encouraging others to participate. I feel as though my talking to five, ten or twenty people can make them talk to five, ten and so on, raising money, spreading the word and ultimately giving back to our society.

At the end of the day, everyone benefits from raffling; from the raffle ticket providers to the organization selling the tickets, the prize being given away to the person actually winning the prize

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