Natalie Marie Dodson essay

  1. Chronicle a successful raffle fundraising campaign you or a family member has been a part of. What results were achieved? How did it help the organization and/or the community it was meant to benefit? How did the experience enrich you?

As a member of my high school hip hop dance team, my sport was considered a “club sport” which basically means the team does not receive funding from the school.  The team must pay for practice space, uniforms, and travel which is an added cost to the team and parents.  To cover the growing expenses, my dance team decided to conduct a designer purse bingo and raffle fundraising program to finance the teams.  The high school has a junior varsity and varsity team.  Both teams compete at competitions as far away as Michigan and Florida which can be quite burdensome for the parents.  My mother chaired the event the first two years it was held.  Each team member assisted in selling raffle tickets before and during the event.  Team members solicited donated items for a silent auction basket raffle.  We sold raffle tickets for chances to win the silent auction baskets.  Demand was high for the tickets.  We used a pricing structure that encouraged people to purchase multiple tickets.  We raised twelve hundred dollars on the raffle ticket baskets alone.  The amount we used selling raffle tickets was certainly a welcomed success.

In addition, we used a different color raffle ticket given to people as they entered the hall where the event was being held.  Entrance raffle tickets were placed in a basket and two tickets were drawn for complimentary door prizes that we again gained through a donation.  A “free” raffle ticket was a big motivator by increasing our sales during the event.

Excitement around this annual event continues to grow.  Each year the number of participants have increased such that there are now space limitations at the facility we rent.  The space limitations create competition to gain entry into our very popular event.  The raffle tickets helped make the event a success because we were able to raise our profits using the  multiple ticket purchase program.  As a result of this event our team can now pay entry fees for competitions, contribute toward the cost of uniforms, and reduce fees for practice space.

The parents of team members were very grateful for the reduction in out of pocket expenses they were required to pay for their students to participate.  The dance team is a popular activity at the school and frequently performs at spirit assemblies for school sports.  Word quickly spread about the success of the event.  Now other school sanctioned sports are creating their own raffle ticket events to assist with new equipment.

Participation in this raffle ticket event taught me that if you set a goal and work hard to achieve the goal your efforts will be rewarded.  Often times students at my school take for granted that their parents can afford to pay for sports that have very high costs for participation.  I enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor and the event brought my team closer together because everyone pulled their weight to ensure that we reached our goal.  I am happy to report that we exceeded our goal by more than three thousand dollars the first year.

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