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Raffle Tickets Scholarship Essay

Non profit organizations like church groups, civic groups, youth groups, charities, and etc can derive much benefit by holding a raffle fundraiser. One reason it’ll raise money is because when an organization gives out prizes they are giving people an incentive to purchase tickets. An organization can hold a wine raffle fundraiser where a lucky person will get a bottle(s) of wine. Since wine is popular amongst adults this would be a very good way to improve ticket sales. Another way is by holding a grand prize in which the winner(s) are given an all expense paid trip to tour high-end wineries or a fancy dinner with variations of winer. It would also be a good idea to offer children’s prizes like sunglasses, slap bracelets, stickers, bouncing balls, etc. Offering all of these prizes will surely earn a lot of revenue for an organized group and will bring people back for the next fundraiser.

A wine fundraiser will be very popular among families and older adults. Each family can donate a bottle of wine and the bottles will then be narrowed down to colors or names. After collecting all the wine bottles the organization should sell a raffle ticket based on the price of the wine bottle. A good price point will be anywhere from $15 to $20. The grand prize winner will be awarded 40 bottles, the second winner 20 bottles, and the third prize winner 10 bottles. Of course the amount of tickets and bottles donated will vary but this method proves well because it’ll be mostly profit.

Another cool idea related to wine that doesn’t involve giving away wine bottles but instead offering an all expense paid trip to taste different flavors of wine. The grand experience prize can be a trip to a famous winery local to the state and touring several wineries, a wine tasting party, or even a fancy dinner offering a few bottles of rare wines, or other combinations. The raffle ticket cost will be a lot higher with a price point of anything between fifty and a hundred dollars because the winner is being provided with a very pampering experience.

However, if that is too expensive there is always another wine raffle ticket method. The organization will put all of the wine donated from families into baskets. Then you can use the old classic method of selling large amounts of raffle tickets at low prices. Each basket will have its own ticket submission box and prize drawing. Since the tickets are sold at lower prices people can enter the drawings for their preferred basket as many times as they can.

Lastly, another good way to sell raffle tickets is to have lots of children prizes. Parents will not want to let their kids down so they will buy them as many tickets as they can. Let’s say one of the winning prizes is a Mario Kart game that costs $25. If the organization can sell 10 raffle tickets for $5 and if at least 20 parents buy 10 raffle tickets that is already $100 in revenue for the organization. More revenue can be added by selling higher priced tickets for higher priced games.


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